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Sunday, February 25, 2018

The hydrogen bomb North Korea: whether the attack Kim Jong-UN first

Another nuclear test in the DPRK was forced to seriously worry the international community, especially the United States. Now Pyongyang is not only Intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching American military bases in the Pacific, but a thermonuclear warhead, which is possible to install these missiles. DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN continues to play to raise rates, risking to provoke a war on the Korean Peninsula. Can you call his actions irrational or seemingly hidden military hysteria prudent plan? This “MK” talked to the experts.

“Kim Jong-UN boosts its nuclear program in order to make the price of power attempts to change the regime in North Korea unacceptably high for those who try to do it, — said in an interview with “MK” head of the Center for Korean studies Institute of Far Eastern studies, Alexander JEBIN</strong>. One of the reasons for this is that Pyongyang still sees a threat from the United States who are changing the modes and carry out humanitarian intervention around the world. Especially bad impression on the North Korean leadership made the fate of Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan elite. Libya surrendered, abandoned its nuclear program, and as a result were destroyed Gaddafi without trial, and Libya broke. The American invasion of Iraq and the fate of Libya showed that international law and organizations cannot protect the country if its policies are not acceptable to the United States and its allies. Of course, Kim Jong-UN and his entourage do not want such a fate for themselves or for their country. And they decided to defend themselves.

The choice in favor of nuclear weapons was made because North Korea is still relatively small and poor country. To compete with the United States in the field of conventional weapons, she could not afford: they sometimes surpass the cost of nuclear and updated relatively quickly. At the same time, North Korea has rich deposits of uranium ore, so it would like to develop peaceful atomic energy (her oil and gas not yet found), and to defend themselves with nuclear weapons. Moreover, the resolution of the UN security Council that were designed to end North Korea’s nuclear program, on the contrary, in my opinion, pushed her to her. In the package of sanctions against the DPRK included a ban on the supply of her tanks, artillery and other conventional weapons and even spare parts for such equipment. Pyongyang had no choice but to throw all the forces on the missile and nuclear program and try to create a weapon of deterrence the United States.

To attack North Korea, of course, no one else is going. There perfectly understand, than it is for them to end. But to repel an attack from the outside they are ready, it seems, at any price. The DPRK also pledged to behave as a responsible nuclear power: not to transfer nuclear weapons and related technologies to third countries to participate in negotiations on nuclear disarmament on an equal footing with other nuclear powers.”

North Korea is striving to create a full-fledged thermonuclear weapons in order to negotiate with the United States from a position of strength — said in comments “MK” Director of Korean programmes of the Institute of Economics Georgy TOLORAYA. — And to agree Kim Jong UN wants about the end of the Korean war. The United States is still at war with North Korea and has repeatedly stressed that there is a possibility of a military strike. Here’s Kim Jong-UN wants to end it and establish a new security regime based on nuclear parity. It’s cynical and defiant, but it’s hard not to understand this motivation. Now the stakes are raised even on the bottom and the Americans will be forced either to negotiate or to fight. But impossible to fight, so we’ll have to negotiate.”

It should be noted that after the North Korean test of a hydrogen bomb by the rhetoric of Donald trump against Pyongyang softened slightly. If before after each aggressive actions of the North Korean leadership, he hinted at a military solution to the problems and even promised to bring down North Korea “fire and fury”, but this time he refrained from such statements. In his microblog, the American President announced that he had convened an emergency meeting with representatives of the Pentagon in the White house. And instead of the use of force to stop North Korean nuclear program trump has offered to end the U.S. trade with those countries who “deal” with the DPRK.

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