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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The “conspiracy” against early voting

The Russians are not allowed to vote early in municipal elections. At first glance, this looks like a conspiracy. Well, indeed, 5 may 2014 were adopted amendments to the legislation that took away the commissions the right to verify the statement of the cause of early voting: to request a ticket, ticket, travel, etc.

Moreover, the list of grounds for early voting has made the item “other valid reason”. That is, to vote early can, in General all.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In fact, no particular conspiracy here, and all the matter in the conduct of early voting, which was extremely difficult all the same the may amendments to the legislation. Now, in order to issue the form ahead of time — you need to collect a quorum of the election Commission (before it was only two signatures).

And oil painting. Suppose I wanted to vote early and was in the Electoral Commission of the municipality (it is higher in such elections). In the opening hours of ecme on duty two people. I am writing an application in order to consider it necessary to collect another eight people, and the best nine. And all at work, and not everyone works in his area. In one of the ikmo found a way out: let everyone who wants to vote early, to come together at one time. And to gather a quorum would have meaning.

But this immediately raised questions: why early voting in droves? And when those interested come one at a time — implement the procedure is simply unrealistic.

Well, then let’s go to the PEC. There gather a quorum easier, the benefit of the lion’s share of the members — the teachers of one school and senior citizens from the nearby houses. Considered the application, made the Protocol decisions. But before you give the voter the form is required to provide documentation… print a higher fee. Print this in a single copy, and the rules for its delivery strict enough. Three members of the Committee must accompany the PEC. And PEC by the way in many Metropolitan areas and 60 on more than one superior Commission. But if two voters with the two PECs at the same time wanted to vote early?

In General, the second option is technically almost impossible. That accounts for the panelists to pretend that they did not read the paragraph that forbids them to demand some evidence, and asked to “submit a ticket tomorrow” to discourage, or to gather more voters at the same time.

Unfortunately, the Central election Commission to this procedural nonsense attitude without much attention.

– The decision on the admission to vote early the voter sees the election Commission collectively at the meeting. Each Committee includes representatives of different parties who can defend their point of view, so decisions must be objective. I have not seen any formal complaints that the voter is not unreasonably made. On Monday a meeting was held in the CEC with the representatives of 14 parties, and complaints from them on this subject I have not heard – said “MK” CEC member with a deliberative vote Evgenie Shevchenko.

Help “MK”. Municipal elections in Moscow, the first held under the new rules of early voting. In the Duma elections of 2016, “you’re paroled” does not apply — there was absentee.


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