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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

New “alien signals” will help you better understand the Universe, said the experts

As the Internet continues to appear, devoted to previously recorded within the project Breakthrough Listen mysterious impulses FRB 121102 related to the so-called fast radio bursts or radiosystem. Reportedly, the study of these signals is of great interest regardless of, send them aliens.

photo: pixabay.com

Quick radiospace was first recorded in 2007 but have remained very rare. Media and some scientists soon dubbed the bursts of such “signals of aliens,” and one possible explanation he really meant the activities of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. However, most experts still inclined to less “fantastic”, though still pretty exciting versions — as a potential sources at different times was called Magnetar, blitzuri, black holes, axion stars composed of dark matter, and even superconducting cosmic strings. Some skeptics believed that the mysterious messages from deep space can be mistakenly considered to be some radio signals, the source of which is on the Ground, however, for the most part, experts believe this explanation is highly unlikely.

A feature of the radio signal FRB 121102 was the fact that it is repeated many times. Frequency fifteen the scientists recorded the pulses is from 4 to 8 gigahertz, and they were born, presumably, in a dwarf galaxy located about three billion light years from Earth. Experts report that due to the large number of signals experts managed to collect quite a lot of information about their hypothetical source.

“When the newly recorded signals left their home galaxy, the Earth was two billion years. It was inhabited by only the simplest organisms, and the emergence of even primitive multicellular life was still a year of evolution. Regardless of, whether the generated pulses extraterrestrial technology, their study significantly extend our understanding of the Universe” — said in a press release of the project Breakthrough Listen to, first and foremost, the search for alien life.


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