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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Media: scientist considered the afterlife from the point of view of quantum physics

American cosmologist and science popularizer Sean Carroll stated that from the point of view of modern science that life after death is hardly probable. According to the scientist, if an afterlife in one form or another existed, it would have made itself felt, at least at the quantum level, however, to observe anything like physicists still do not ever.

photo: pixabay.com

According to the scientist, the physical laws by which the world exists, to date, has been studied very well. Largely studied and the nature of human consciousness, which, as stated by the specialist, in fact is the result of the interaction of atoms and electrons. The researcher added that if information on the lifetime stored in the human brain, somehow preserved after his death, it would result in the presence of certain particles with their quantum field. Thus, the belief in the afterlife requires, “to put it mildly, physics beyond the Standard model,” said the cosmologist. Thus, according to him, such “new physics” would be consistent with knowledge about the world is that mankind actually has.

Physicist convinced that, at least, scientists should abandon agnosticism, because in order to explore human consciousness, should only operate on facts that have a scientific basis. “As soon as we overcome the reluctance to accept this aspect of reality, we will be able to get to much more interesting questions, swinging the existence of man and of his consciousness” — said the scientist.

Sean Carroll is a specialist in the field of dark energy and General relativity. At different times he worked at such prestigious universities as Harvard, mit and the University of California at Santa Barbara. Currently he is a member of the California Institute of technology. Carroll is the author of three popular science books was awarded the Winton, awarded by the Royal society.


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