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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kadyrov as the new head of the Russian foreign policy

According to the Constitution, foreign Affairs is headed by the President and only the President. But it seems that the letter of the Basic law have ceased to answer realities: the burden of the world’s problems with the President surely was shared by the head of the Chechen Republic. Such a conclusion is forced come recent statements of Ramzan Kadyrov on the situation in Myanmar and the response to these escapades highest echelons of power.

The head of Chechnya expressed his clear disagreement with the position of Russia on this issue, and what we see in the body? Changed not rhetoric Kadyrov. The adjustment has undergone foreign policy. And in many respects domestic policy.

photo: kremlin.ru

In fairness, Mr Kadyrov has somewhat softened the indignation, giving it a conditional mood. “If Russia will support those devils who are committing crimes, I am against the position of Russia”, – Kadyrov said in his video address, posted on his page in the network Instagram. But, unable to restrain himself, he added: “I Have my own vision, my own position”.

The position of the Russian foreign Ministry and the Kremlin at that time really very different from Kadyrov. You could even say, was diametrically opposed. Those whom the head of Chechnya calls “devils,” the government of Myanmar, conducting an operation to restore constitutional order in areas populated by Rohingya ethnic minority, Muslim – have long enjoyed strong support from Moscow.

As recently as August 28, Russia in the face of the Department of information and press of the foreign Ministry expressed “absolute support for the efforts of the government of Myanmar that are being taken to normalize the situation”. All the blame for the destabilization was entrusted with the “salvation Army Rohingya Rakhine”. FM officials strongly condemned them, “another attack by the militants” – a “series of coordinated attacks on police stations and army units”, which “killed 11 Myanmar security forces.” About the number of victims on the opposite side of the perennial conflict is, according to some, already in the tens of thousands in Moscow from time to time chose to ignore.

Read the story “What happened in Myanmar: Arakan massacre of Buddhists and Muslims”

In March of this year, Russia along with China has blocked a proposed UK draft statement of the UN security Council, which expressed concern about the actions of the Myanmar authorities, namely, the resumption of fighting in the breakaway region and related mass human rights violations. But 10 years ago, in 2007, Russia and China vetoed initiated by the British and the Americans draft resolution, which demanded that the government of Myanmar “to stop military attacks on civilians in areas of ethnic minorities”.

We should note that interstate love was quite mutual. In 2014, Myanmar was among the countries that supported the UN General Assembly resolution condemning the annexation of Crimea to Russia. And, on the contrary, actively supported the proposed by Russia resolution on “combating glorification of Nazism,” condemning the glorification of national heroes “who fought against the anti-Hitler coalition or collaborated with the Nazis”. Aimed primarily, as you might guess, against Ukraine and our other Eastern European enemies.

Myanmar actively buys Russian weapons. Moreover, not so long ago, the two countries became formal military allies. An agreement on military cooperation signed last summer, provides for cooperation in the naval sphere, in the sphere of military medicine, military education and a number of unnamed “promising areas”. At the ceremony of signing the document, the Deputy defense Minister Anatoly Antonov was beaming with optimism: both powers will henceforth, in his words, “enough tools to do everything possible to enhance the combat readiness of the armed forces of Myanmar and Russia”.

And here is our loyal, grateful and promising Myanmar the friend has appeared suddenly “the devil”. Yes, so far only according to the head of Chechnya. But first the opinion of the head of the region – not the opinion of an individual. By the way, everything else Kadyrov is not the last place and headed by the Prime Minister ruling party: member of the Supreme Council of “United Russia”. No, it is, of course, that stumble and officials of higher rank. However, neither at the administrative nor the party line Ramzan something nobody propestive.

No one began to disperse and arrest the participants is absolutely not sanctioned but blessed Ramzan the Muslims rally near the Embassy of Myanmar.

See photo essay on the topic:

An unauthorized rally of Muslims in Moscow: protest on the mats for prayer

7 photos

Moreover — has issued a statement of the Department of foreign Affairs, a completely new highlight in Myanmar the question: “Closely monitor the situation in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. Concerned by reports of continued clashes that led to casualties among the civilian population and the power structures of the government about the sharp deterioration of the humanitarian situation in this region of the country.” The same concerns expressed by the press Secretary of the President.

The rapidity of this metamorphosis is amazing. And that in the Kremlin and Smolensk square was filled finally, the sad fate of the Rohingya people, to believe, to be honest with difficulty. And that is part of some cunning plan.

No particular strategy these throws officials is not felt. Felt only fear, fear of getting ahead of the presidential election, the new-old source of instability. The same considerations Moscow, it seems, is guided by and in all other cases, when the Chechen leader said about his special position. What would Ramzan played – only there was no war. Well, war in this approach, may not be. But it may be such a struggle for peace that the Constitution will remain one of the pieces.

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