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Friday, March 16, 2018

Elon Musk predicted the Third world, the military objected

Elon Musk unexpectedly responded Vladimir Putin: the head of the company Rasekh said on Twitter that the most likely cause world war III could become a struggle for supremacy in the field of artificial intelligence (recently, the Russian President said: the one who will own this technology, and will own the world). What is meant Elon Musk?

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
Photo: Heisenberg Media.

In fact, the theme for the mankind more or less familiar. All watched “the Terminator” and “Terminator 2”, they personally represented approximately such scenarios and their consequences. Even before the victory of machine over man predicted the Polish science fiction writer Stanislaw LEM.

Come to think of it, because in recent years, the reality of everything faster and faster becomes fantastic. Win the car of the person? Is the main threat that artificial intelligence may become uncontrolled?

With this question we turned to the Brand Tverdynin, a member of the Board of Regional public center “Internet technologies”.

– It is difficult to judge the state of Russian developments in this direction. Perhaps at the household level, we are a little behind. And on a global scale such information, of course, not in the public domain. I do not exclude that today the percent on 30-40 a threat from artificial intelligence really exists. Another question: can artificial intelligence to develop himself, if it be laid a certain program? We know that there are people, a potential killer. Similar can be the machines.

Russia, in my opinion, is able to move in creating the most advanced digital technology, become the leader. You do not need to build factories or mine. There need brains, we have them. And money to conduct research.

Military expert, chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko:

– All decisions on the use of nuclear weapons on the basis of the system of missile attack warning takes not artificial intelligence, which in the world yet in sight. And commander of the Armed forces of the country, the President. This procedure in Russia, in China and in the United States and in other countries whose arsenals have nuclear weapons.

As for Russia, we have an unauthorized missile launches are excluded in principle. Security system eliminates outside interference. I am sure that the same control works in other countries. What’s the point?

But from the movie “the Terminator,” we know computer system “Skylink” was released from human control, with the result that a nuclear war between Russia and the United States…

– I repeat: the decision taken by the President, not the computer. In the foreseeable future will be so, and not as suggested by Mr. Musk. It is a Chimera in his head, the man he is very rich, so fun, tossing us such horror stories.

To finish all these not very cheerful predictions for the future of all mankind, I want a happy ending. Someone from the inventors of “thinking” machines once said, “the Car will never win the man, if man will not be lazy”. And maybe it is.


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