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Friday, February 16, 2018

Astrophysicists have solved the mystery of the appearance in the Universe of gold and uranium

American experts from the University of California at Los Angeles, expressed his theory about how in the Universe the chemical elements heavier than gold. According to scientists, gold, uranium and so on did not arise during supernovae explosions are expected today, and in the interaction of the so-called primordial black holes and neutron stars.

photo: pixabay.com

It is believed that at the dawn of the Universe there existed only the two most “light” elements — hydrogen and helium — and, possibly, a small amount of lithium. Later, in the depths of the first stars emerged such elements as carbon, nitrogen, calcium and iron — the last occupies the 26th place in the periodic system. However, among scientists there is no consensus as to what exactly was allowed to appear even heavier elements such as gold, platinum or uranium, the nucleus which contains 92 protons and lots of neutrons. Initially, experts assumed that the elements heavier than iron could appear at the birth of a supernova, but in this case today they would have to form faster than it does according to the observations of scientists. Another theory States that this process may play a role in the collision of neutron stars, but this version is recognized.

California scientists have suggested that heavy elements, for the most part, formed in the early Universe when interacting neutron stars and primordial black holes — objects resembling black holes, “modern”, but differ from them relatively modest size. Under the assumption of experts, black holes fall into the centre of stars, and then begins to “tighten” them from the inside, increasing the already high speed of rotation. As a result, the matter of neutron stars become unstable, which could lead to the formation of “heavy” atoms, subsequently razdetsya in the universe.

The researchers also suggest that their theory can bring humanity to the understanding of the answers to a number of other issues — why in the center of the milky Way and other galaxies neutron stars is very small, and also why there is gamma radiation and what is the source of so-called ultra-fast radio bursts.


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