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Friday, March 23, 2018

Astronomers have caught 15 of the mysterious signals from a distant galaxy

Professionals working in project Breakthrough Listen using radio astronomy Observatory green Bank in Virginia has recorded fifteen unusual signals. These pulses, sometimes called ultra-fast radio bursts are a rare and incompletely understood phenomenon, but a whole “series” of such signals, as reported, is a unique phenomenon.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts report that signals, in all probability, originated in a dwarf galaxy located about three billion light years from Earth. The frequency of the radio pulses, the designation of FRB 121102 is 4-8 GHz, added the scientists.

Breakthrough Listen — the project of Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner on the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life in the Universe, is for 10 years and with project budget of 100 million dollars. This is one of the very few projects in which representatives of an alien civilization trying to find serious scientists. Of course, unlike many ufologists, from time to time telling you “sensation” about aliens on Earth the moon or Mars, experts tend to have their results to have real scientific value. As a result, scientists do not hurry to put forward the assumption that the source signals are highly advanced aliens, as the main. At the moment astrophysicists are inclined to believe that flash may occur as a result of rapid rotation of the neutron star with a powerful magnetic field. However, as stated in the press release of the University of California at Berkeley, explanations, implying the existence of intelligent civilizations, experts still do not exclude a hundred percent.

Scientific work about the results, was published scientists in the journal Astronomer”s Telegram.

It is worth noting that the media had been called rapid radio pulses “signals aliens” — the absence of universally accepted explanation for their origin almost immediately caused the appearance of fantastic versions.


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