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Friday, March 23, 2018

Visa in Russian passport will have less than ten percent of Ukrainians

From September 1, entered into force amendments to the immigration laws that facilitate obtaining Russian citizenship for citizens of Ukraine. In FMS, they are presented as a real gift for Ukrainians wishing to move to Russia.

“MK” has tried to understand, will facilitate the life of Ukrainian migrants in the latest innovations.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Under the new rules, migrants from Ukraine must submit to the FMS a notarized copy of the Declaration of renunciation of citizenship of the Square, and the second copy to send home. Response from the Ukrainian side can not wait. Seems to become really easier and faster, so much “news” from Kiev at times lasted about a year, and if moving a resident of the Donetsk or Luhansk region, then it is not sent. However, according to the head of the Union of political emigrants and political prisoners in Ukraine, Larisa Shesler, the amendments to the legislation, practically will not bring any real benefit.

— Widespread information about what changes in law will affect a large number of applicants for Russian citizenship, is wrong. In fact, they will affect only those who pass the program of resettlement of Russian native speakers, and that is not all. This is a very small percentage of the total number of migrants from Ukraine, — said Larisa Shesler.

So, become the “carrier of the Russian language” is practically impossible. According to official statistics of the interior Ministry, during the life of the program (over 15 years) this status is received only 20 thousand people, and citizens of the Russian Federation which were about 6%. Ukrainians in this list are absolutely ridiculous numbers — 24 people. Other categories of immigrants legally certified document from the Ukrainian side about renunciation of citizenship was never required. It concerned those who move under the program of resettlement of compatriots who claim to citizenship, according to the standard scheme: the temporary residence permit, residence permit and eventually receive Russian passports.

— Unfortunately, the main obstacle for obtaining citizenship to native Russian speakers is the requirement of birth or residence on the territory of Russia. This means that the Russian, born in Odessa or Kharkov, this program still does not pass, explains Shesler.

By the way, this also applies to those Ukrainians who were born and lived in the Crimea if they left before the referendum in 2014 and are unable to take advantage of the citizenship the inhabitants of the Peninsula.

In the end, the changes will affect thousands of people, maximum ten thousand, — said Shesler. — The procedure for obtaining Russian passports to Ukrainians is not yet mastered and difficult. I think that in the next six months to a year any relief for migrants from Ukraine will not, if you do not take the law Zatulin–Polonskaya, which is really radically simplifies citizenship for all Russians returning to Russia.

Deputies from the ruling party Konstantin Zatulin and the ex-the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya in the Duma introduced a bill according to which the simplified procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship can claim all natives and descendants of the inhabitants of the territories of the former USSR and the Russian Empire. However, there is one condition: to know Russian language, or rather to undergo the program of Russian native speakers. In Parliament registered a bill in March of this year, but whether it will be accepted is difficult to say. He has both supporters and opponents. The former believe that it will help solve the demographic problem, because in Russia in recent years, the birth rate is falling. In addition, decreasing the number of the working population, which undoubtedly affects the country’s economy. Due to the influx of working migrants will be possible to solve both problems.

The bill’s opponents, in turn, fear that it could lead to an influx of migrants from Central Asia, who in no way belong to the indigenous peoples of Russia. The same opinion is shared by the Russians. According to the poll, 78% of respondents for resettlement in Russia of the Russian-speaking population, but only 26% think it is possible to use the criterion of knowledge of the Russian language as the reason for the simplified granting of citizenship. However, this opinion Russians adhere to in relation to visitors from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and neighboring republics. Against the simplified extradition of Russian citizenship to Ukrainians, Belarusians and other Slavic ethnic groups spoke less than 10 percent of respondents.

The Chairman of the Federal national cultural autonomy “Ukrainians of Russia” Bogdan Bezpalko believes that it is due to immigrants from Ukraine will solve economic and demographic problems of the country. He noted that the amendments from 1 September partly to make it easier to obtain citizenship, but few will be able to use, and most importantly — they do not save from a huge number of bureaucratic procedures. In his opinion, would really help quota free testing on the Russian language. This is especially true for residents of Eastern Ukraine, for which the extra six thousand is nothing to sneeze at. According to statistics from the American Institute of Gallup, 83 percent of Ukrainians speak Russian and consider his family, and about 95 percent use it in everyday life, so the exams become additional meaningless burden. By the way, against the natives of Central Asia and the Caucasus have similar requirements, although they have all the Russian language is much worse.

Meanwhile, the number of Ukrainians who regularly visits Russia, if not growing, certainly not falling. Of course, most of them migrant workers, but it does not save them from regular visits to immigration centres and exams. To date, according to official data, almost 500 thousand citizens of Ukraine have the temporary residence permit in Russia, 176 thousand for the residence permit, and about eight hundred thousand Ukrainians annually extend the patents on the work. Some of these people have already applied for a Russian passport, but because of bureaucratic rink they are forced to wait the cherished document.

According to Deputy interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy, currently about 600 thousand Ukrainians are in Russia and are waiting for “green light” to receive Russian passports, and it is only those who are able to collect and pay all the necessary documents.

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