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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Treasury and the will: can recipients of budget money to abuse power

Chulpan Khamatova was again supported by Kirill Serebrennikov. And again, did not find understanding on both edges of our increasingly splitting of the socio-political scene. Some blame Khamatova — and in her face and all the other “cooperating with the regime” of culture — in the unprincipled conformity. The other, uncontrolled “rotten intelligentsia”, figuratively speaking, bite the hand that feeds. In short, the extreme, as usual, agreed, is rapidly expanding the foothold of madness and leaving less space to common sense.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
2015. On the award of the state prizes in the Kremlin.

Of course, the discussion on “the relationship of the artist and the government” did not begin today or even yesterday. But I have this eternal debate has not received such bitterness, after the arrest Serebrennikov. Statements Khamatova added a new batch of oil into the fire. Actress and public figure called the deprivation of liberty Director of “the saddest, tragic event,” absolutely, in her view, unjust and illegal. “I am very scary,” she added. But for understanding what is happening is important not only words, but also the place where they were spoken. We are talking about the performance Khamatova the day she sign honorary citizen of Kazan.

Khamatova sad about the Director, “taking from the hands of the government authorities planted a new medal,” the outraged popular liberal blogger. By the way, the fate of the government also does not cause special sympathy: “Well, I told you. It is not necessary to feed with a spoon thieves… As already got this mantra “in Russia it is impossible to do theatre without taking money from the government”. Damn, well, impossible — well, don’t do that”. Uncompromising blogger is not alone in his opinion. Colleague Serebrennikov, playwright and Director Ivan Vyrypaev, went even further emotional escapades, giving the recusancy of fundamental justification.

“No need to get all these state awards and publicly, with cameras shaking hands with Vladimir Putin, — said in an open letter in support of Vyrypaev, Kirill Serebrennikov. How could you not see that helping, for example, sick children or investing their money in private education price support Putin, you are providing a disservice to our whole future generation that has to grow and go to school in Russia under this regime?”

A word about sick children — an obvious reference to the Fund Khamatova “give life” and some, shall we say, peculiarities of its civil position. As you know, during the last presidential campaign Khamatova urged to vote for Putin. At the same time, the actress has made it clear that her statements on political issues cannot be taken at face value. According to Khamatova, she has to choose between helping children, which would not be complete without financial support from the government, and their civil position. Of course, you can argue about how correct her choice. But the position of those moralists who are deprived Khamatova and other representatives of the creative intelligentsia of the right to any compromise, in any case, it is still less adequate.

First, with great difficulty to believe in their own innocence, that they were not, were not involved and never involved in anything that could be interpreted as support of the government. From the point of view of their own hard criteria of a certain betrayal of principles is even a simple payment of taxes: it’s nothing like the funding regime. Not to mention, such poetic lines: “a grateful nation leader hears the voice: “We came to tell you — where Stalin is, there is freedom, peace and Majesty of the earth!” The verses, incidentally, were written by Anna Akhmatova. Well, it is now accused of selling the soul to the devil? But then in the same blacklist will have to put all those who lived and worked in the Soviet Union. As rightly noted by the same comrade Stalin, “other writers we have”.

Nowadays, of course, other, more vegetarian. A no choice there. But Cora artists for gesheft with the government, the opposition, the moralists, in fact, does not share the liberal approach of Louis XIV: the state its essence is the head. This formula was not quite fair, even by the standards of the XVII century, and certainly not applicable today. Whatever may be said on this subject close our first-person concepts “Russia” and “Putin” are not identical. Similarly, one should distinguish between “public money” and “Putin’s money”, “state awards” and “awards of Putin.”

In fact, it can be considered as a response to violent invective from conservative ultras. Supposedly, there are scoundrels and Russian fat eating. The answer to the question, is it permissible recipients of public money to abuse power, there can be only one: it is possible and even necessary, if she deserves it. For the state, gentlemen, that is all we are. In particular, it is difficult for someone to recognize, and critics of Putin.


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