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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Scientists call the age of man

After analyzing statistical data, Dutch researchers from the Erasmus University came to the conclusion that even with the development of medicine the chances of men to live past 114 years, and women – more 115,7 years are extremely small. As a whole, the number of centenarians on Earth is growing rapidly, the researchers note.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts have studied the data relating to 75 thousand inhabitants of the Netherlands, and found that in 30 years the chances of a person to live to 95 years old has tripled. However, despite the marked rise in life expectancy, the probability that a person will live more than 115 years, remains extremely low. According to experts, a very small number of people is still successful (in particular, the Frenchwoman Jeanne calment lived to 122 years), however, such cases were, in the opinion of the authors of the study, remain rare exceptions, do not affect the overall situation.

While the study was not published in any peer-reviewed scientific journal, but experts assure that it will be printed in the coming months.

Last year research on the same subject conducted by another group of scientists representing the Medical College of albert Einstein. Then experts have come to several different conclusions – 115 years they proclaimed “medium to long” lifespan. At the same time, maximum age scientists called 125 years – the probability that at least one person on Earth will live longer than was estimated at 0.0001 percent, and in the near future, this figure, according to the researchers, is unlikely to change. The specialists analyzed information on deaths in 40 countries in the period since 1900, as the authors of the new study, drew attention that the average life expectancy on Earth is constantly increasing.

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