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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Named the main danger of death sex

The chances of men surviving a heart attack are much higher if the cause of the cardiac arrest was a sexual act. To such conclusion experts of the European hospital Georges-Pompidou. If the heart attack occurred during sex, chances are that the person will not be provided in a timely manner, explain the experts.

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photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Experts analyzed more than three thousand cases, when patients come to their hospital with a heart attack. Have 246 of them a heart attack occurred during increased physical activity, and 17 that were having sex. Although, judging by the statistics, the intimacy is hardly the most common cause of heart attacks, attracted the attention of scientists that in General, after a heart attack managed to save every other person, but among those with whom he happened during sex, survived only one of the eight.

According to researchers, the reason may be that if the heart attack catches up with the man during intimacy, partner, first, maybe just to get lost, and secondly, will not be ready to call for help immediately, being completely Nude. Such shyness or indecision can often cost the man of life, suggest the study authors. As they explain, during a heart attack the person should be helped as quickly as possible, and every minute reduces the chances of survival. Thus the people who have a heart attack during sex, waited for the help on average of 8.4 minutes, about two times longer than the other.

Experts specify, that the problems with the cardiovascular system should not be taken as a reason to abandon intimate life – even after a heart attack or heart surgery in a few weeks, people often have sex without undue risk. At the same time, scientists recommend such people not to overeat or drink too much alcoholic beverages in anticipation of sexual intercourse, but also have to ask the partner to assume a more active role.

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