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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Ufologists declared hurricane Harvey the beginning of the alien invasion

By studying the images of hurricane Harvey, made from earth orbit, UFO found a mysterious object. The self-proclaimed experts hastened to declare that they discovered the UFO, and the natural disaster raging in Texas, and precedes the invasion of dozens of ships of aliens.

photo: pixabay.com

According to ufologists, the UFO was discovered by them near the center of the hurricane. In developing his conspiracy theories, the authors of “sensation” suggest that the reason the curtains of steel alien technology, with climatic weapons. Of course, professional scientists such obviously fantastic assumptions did not react.

According this morning, the number of victims of the hurricane “Harvey” in Texas and Louisiana is 44. In line for public assistance to fight the consequences of disaster have lined up more than 310 thousand people the American government for these purposes was allocated $ 530 million. All in all, on replenishment of storm damage, according to current estimates, will require about $ 160 billion. As it became known yesterday, to provide this amount, US Department of energy intends to sell 500 thousand barrels of oil from their “untouchable” reserves. Strategic petroleum reserve of the United States in the event of global crises was created in 1975

Some experts do not exclude that a role this could play in global warming, but to judge of this relationship is quite difficult, because today to forecast hurricanes remains quite difficult, regardless of how they are affected by climate change.

Messages UFO UFO on Earth and other planets of the Solar system appear in the network constantly, and such messages began to fly around the Internet almost daily. Experts prefer not to comment on the “sensation” of this kind, so as not to attract even more of the already misplaced attention.


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