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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Putin and the king of the world: the President is a futurist

The day of knowledge along with 15.5 million students this year in droves the first persons of the state. Ministers went to their home schools and universities, Dmitry Medvedev visited a new school in Podolsk and Vladimir Putin held the national open lesson in Yaroslavl, in the course of which explained to the children, where is our home “nuclear reactor” and how to become “masters of the world”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Attending school on the occasion of 1 September, has long been entrenched in the schedule of the President. But here is a lesson – and even nationwide – Vladimir Putin had to carry out for the first time.

In the arena Lokomotiv in Yaroslavl on this occasion, brought together 500 students – participants of the forum “Proektoriya” uniting students of technical universities. About one million students from 15 thousand schools followed an open class on television and the Internet. Helped the President to communicate with young audiences Dmitry Malikov.

As it turned out, the singer at the end of the second decade of the XXI century quickly turned into blogger on his Twitter signed 765 thousand people, and a joint MS Khovansky clip “Ask your mother” gathered 20 million views on utube. “We need your likes! We want hype!”, called Malikov at the beginning of the open class, the theme of which sounded promising – “Russia looking into the future”.

But in the end neither hype (noise, excitement) or buttle, frankly, not happened. An open lesson was held in the traditional format of “Putin youth” scenario. Talented advanced children, have already decided who they want to be told about their successes and hopes for the future, and the President encouraged them, demonstrating that in the course of all scientific problems, from flight to Mars to create artificial neural networks.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

“Man is happy only when engaged in their favorite thing! To create the dream yourself! There’s only me and the sky above your head!” – assented to the stage, Dmitry Malikov, who in the presence of GDP suddenly turned from blogger to pioneer.

3rd year student of the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University Vladislav Zhukov said that had the opportunity to work in the “Silicon valley” USA, but after listening to Putin’s speech on the “straight line”, was inspired and decided to stay in Russia.

– And rightly so! – supported the student’s choice of GDP. According to him, in our country is developing many energy projects, and domestic experts are superior to the Japanese, American and French competitors.

“It is important for people of his geographical location: he lives and works in the area of their language and culture, he realizes himself, and helps the country to develop,” – said the President. Similar ratings were awarded in other initiatives seniors and students. Putin clearly supported their desire to work in the field of space research, cognitive technologies, aviation, telemedicine. And artificial intelligence, judging by the reaction of the President, very a special and very important topic.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Is the future of all mankind! The one who will become the leader in this area will be master of the world! – enthusiastically exclaimed Putin. However, in his opinion, we cannot allow this power was concentrated in the same hands. “If we become leaders, we will share with the world as today we are sharing nuclear and atomic technologies,” he promised.

When it came to inclusion from the field, it became obvious that the national open lesson is not only educational, but also campaign goal. Somehow, all the schools, pupils had the opportunity to talk with the head of state by video link, were in the regions where, on 10 September will be held gubernatorial elections in the Ryazan, Buryatia, Kaliningrad oblast, Sevastopol, Yaroslavl. Only Finding wormed his way into this company, obviously, out of respect to the students trapped in the school until late in the evening.

– How much time do you have? – carefully inquired of GDP.

– For what? – at first did not understand the lanky young man interested in the development of the project of the Northern sea route. But in the end, he explained: in the Finding was more than nine o’clock in the evening. Putin said that Russia is interested not only in the courts that can force a path through the ice, but also in supersonic aircraft, which allows to get from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok in 30 minutes.

Half an hour to go on tour! Beauty! – could not resist Dmitry Malikov.

According to the President, the creation of such flying machines the nearest future is not excluded, that someone from sitting in the hall guys is the author of breakthrough discovery.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

– Your task is not just to do something new, your task is to make a fundamentally new step – admonished future Einsteins and Tsiolkovsky’s GDP, noting that moving forward the Russian people have “internal nuclear reactor” and “passion” of “which said Gumilev”. The President urged the youth to do even better than competitors – not to mention the enemies.

Well, odinnadtsatiklassnikov, thanks to the head of state, learned of the theme of the final works, which they have to write in December.

“I propose to write such an essay – “Russia, looking to the future” and see what you see in our country at the turn of 40-50 years,” said GDP. In addition, the Ministry of education will invite the graduates to think about “Loyalty and betrayal”, “the Indifference and itsvicinity”, “Courage and cowardice” – these and other topics are also included in the preliminary list for testing of pupils 11-x classes in the new academic year.

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