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Friday, February 23, 2018

“Personalities are not important”: academician Khokhlov to withdraw from the election wounds

Of the seven candidates for the post of President of the RAS were only five. The government has excluded from the list of academicians Alexey Khokhlov and Valery Chereshnev, whose election program first appeared on the website of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The opinion of the accomplished selection was expressed by Alexei Khokhlov.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Alexey Belousov, who holds the post of MSU Provost, were among the favorites of the scientific community. “If he will be at the helm of the RAS, it is possible to be calm,” said colleagues.

However, some, especially in the Academy, not too flatteringly of him, finding fault that he divides science camp, overly criticizing their own. In General, thanks to the active position Khokhlova many analysts predicted his victory in the elections. However, he was removed from the list, and Valery Chereshnev, also featured bright pre-election program. So who and had to weed out first, according to the Union of wounds, is the scientific Director of the Institute of Oceanology of RAS named after Shirshov Robert Nigmatulin and scientific Director of the Institute of laser and information technologies of RAS Vladislav Panchenko, who at the time of elections will be already for 70 years, but left them. What criteria screening conducted by the government, nobody knows.

In addition Nigmatulin and Panchenko agreed in the end proved to be the candidate for the Director of the Institute of applied physics RAS Alexander Sergeev, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Mikron Gennady Krasnikov and General Director all-Russian scientific research Institute of aviation materials Evgeny Kablov.

The government acted within its powers. So there were some considerations about the candidates. Anyway, with me out of government has not been contacted, no issues are not discussed, says Khokhlov. — As for my program, it is quite detailed and appeared on the website of the RAS ahead of other candidates, on July 26. In August I received a lot of feedback from members of the Academy as a whole supports my program and proposing some changes. Recently on the website of the Academy there was one program Valery Chereshnev. It turns out, was not agreed candidates who first presented their election programs.

— Tell us about your.

— As I said, there is a clear plan of how to move forward the Russian Academy of Sciences, how it should be reformatted in modern conditions. We have some members of the RAS said: “Return everything back”. But this can not be. You can never appeal to the fact, to move backward, we must move forward. I have written that we must first determine the status of the RAS system in the Russian society. The status of the Federal state budget institution does not correspond to the tasks that are put before the Academy 253rd law. I had written also that the Academy needs to speak out publicly on all matters related with the scientific field (not only on matters of domestic life, RAS), to communicate its views to the government, trying to influence the processes going on in the scientific field. There were also talking about the modernization of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which is now working very archaic. Prescribed and some projects to increase research funding.

Who will you be rooting from the remaining candidates?

For me is important, not personalities, important ideas that articulate the candidate in the program. When I get acquainted with the programs of their colleagues, then give my opinion.

— How to solve the problem of the relationship of the RAS with FANO? According to most, it turns science into a dead end, because the rule of two keys not working.

In my program there is a section that is associated with the interaction with the FANO. It says that these two keys do not work. So, first, RAS must move the interaction with the FANO in a public plane. Second, to establish a special Commission on interaction with FANO. It is necessary to convince all the arguments associated with the fact that RAS has a scientific competence, and FANO they are not. In principle, FANO and they do not pretend, sometimes turn to academics for help, and ran late with answers or giving, but not always constructive.

We will remind that elections of the President of the RAS to be held at a General meeting of the Academy of Sciences on September 26.


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