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Saturday, February 24, 2018

“That’s a bunch!”: where is the difference between a hurricane “Harvey” and a trump

There is a grippy inner connection between the hurricane “Harvey” in Texas and President of the trump in Washington, D.C.; between the flooding of the Texas coast flood and flooding the media space of America waves trompowsky tweets. Hurricane “Harvey” — a natural disaster, the presidency of the trump — spontaneously-political. In mathematics, as we know, two wrongs make a right. But in this case the “plus” from a hurricane only trump. The stronger the hurricane, the more powerful the flood, the better it looks like the President of the United States.

photo: AP

But the hurricane “Harvey” is a human sacrifice, it is inconceivable destruction. Trump can not see them. For all that, he is not blind. However, gazing into the water, covering Texas and Louisiana, trump sees in them the reflection of his greatness. Hurricane worthy of it! And trump feels it. “Even experts acknowledge that they’re never seen!” — writes in one of his twitters trump. With exultation. With delight. Almost poetic inspiration.

Hurricane “Harvey”, carrying death and destruction to trump the “milepost” of his presidency. About this pillar of broken lives and destinies of people, houses and squares. But nothing can be done. In America any natural disaster it is also a policy, a great policy.

It all started with hurricane Katrina in the presidency of Bush the son. But George Bush was not at the height of the disaster. He beheld him from the height of the flight of his airliner, which did not reach the breath of a hurricane.

Not that trump. With his incomparable first lady, Melania, he rushed towards disaster. Political calculation and human compassion, if not merged, then, in any case, aligned. Say trump’s impressive, tragic picture. And paintings of Texas, who had gone under the water too stirred up trump. However, in his environment no one forget about the political component of the hurricane “Harvey” giving Trump the opportunity to demonstrate its determination and strength. I’m not talking about the distracting potency of the hurricane. The nation rallied under the hand of their leader, and forget for a while who is this the leader.

Trump did not forget about more flooding in Baton Rouge, which he also managed to ride, was a turning point in his presidential campaign.

I remember this episode. When Kellyann Conway, only-only appointed Manager of the election campaign trump, told him that his rival Hillary Clinton has already set his sights on the capital of Louisiana, trump, like a child, asked her: “can I to go there, too?”

Trump “allowed”. However, provided thousands of bottles of drinking water, which trump took away the victims will not be to show off the inscription “trump Ice”…

Meticulous reporters found an almost complete identity trompowsky Twitter, “singing” hurricane “Harvey” and a buffet in one of the “trump Tower”. So, Twitter trump about the hurricane ended so inappropriate a word like “thank you!” To whom and for what! The nature of the unprecedented flooding?

It is curious and revealing. Twitter “thank you!” sung both as “the spirit of the people”, and a piece of lamb weighing 140 pounds! The lack of taste. Nothing can be done!

Hurricane “Harvey and the resulting flood flooded thousands of square miles in Texas and Louisiana, but were unable to flood the opportunism and narcissism trump. That’s where climb sources, “thank you!”

When Donald and Melania baseball shponkami on the head appeared in the Texas city of Corpus Christi, trump has already celebrated his victory. Not over the hurricane, and with hurricane. “We do not use here the words “congratulations”. We do not want. We congratulate each of you separately, when you finish your work,” said trump, in his speech on the fire Department, which gathered all the higher ranks of Texas and Louisiana.

But how can that be your decision, Mr. trump, throw it in the dustbin of history all international agreements on the protection of the environment? You agree to the meteorologists, claiming that hurricane like “Harvey” America remembers for 500 years, but you throw these same scientists in the neck when they insist on the need for environmental protection not only of the States of Texas and Louisiana, but also around the globe. (I, as an honorary citizen of the capital of Louisiana Baton Rouge, possess a certain piece of land in this state.)

However, apparently, the weather changes around the trump, but not inside him. His ego is the measure of all things…

Leaving the fire station in Corpus Christi, trump called out delightedly: “what a crowd! Here is a bunch!” About a thousand of those present loudly cheered him. And trump was right in his own way when he said: “We are a close-knit American family. We experience pain together. We fight together and believe me, we survive all the hardships together. We are one family!” Hurricane “Harvey”, again not only natural, but a political event. And yet, he still can’t pronounce a Russian saying that says that every family has its black sheep.


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