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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Patriotic army admitted the second in the world, Russia has criticized the rating

International company, Global Firepower, which deals with what is annually the rating of all the armies in the world, has published the materials of the new research, the army put Russia in second place in the list of strongest in the world. In the first place, according to Global Firepower, is always the U.S. army and the people’s liberation army of China.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Here it should be recalled that in the same ranking of 2016, the Russian army was also in second place after the us. It is argued that objective research materials, the experts of the company Global Firepower studied more than 50 different factors. In particular, they take into account the balance of the military power of the state and the variety of available weapons. Countries with nuclear weapons in the first received an additional number of points, taking into account the strength of the nuclear potential.

In total the rating includes 155 armies of various countries of the world. In the top ten along with the United States, Russia and China, entered the United Kingdom, Japan, Turkey, Germany and Egypt. Poland was on the 19th place, the army of Ukraine — by 30-m (between Sweden and Myanmar), Romania — 42-m, Belarus — on the 49th, Hungary — 63-m, Slovakia — 74. And, for example, the army of a country like Moldova in the lists at all.

How objective such rating, and that it is for the international company issuing such assessment? This question of “MK” asked to answer leading military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, Chairman of the Military-industrial Commission of the Russian Federation Victor Murakhovski.

-So, – he said – is akin to a beauty contest: no meaning, reality does not correspond. Conclusions are drawn on the principle that the taste and color… As we say: someone like pork hryaschik, and someone handy. There are no objective indicators for evaluation used by the military, such as are taken for the calculation of the correlation of forces and means, or in the operational-strategic calculations, there is no in principle. The criteria the military to assess the combat capabilities of the armed forces, very mnogokomponentnye. This is a complex formula that includes, for example, the ratio of military-technical level of weapons systems (for each system), the possibility of global projection of military power — as it is called in the West. Or, say, the sustainability of the strategic nuclear forces and so on.. There are hundreds, if not thousands of parameters. It is all in strict accordance with methods that are developed for a long time and are used for plans of prospective and current construction of our armed forces. On the basis of them formed the fighting strength of the armed forces, and then formed the state armaments Program for the 10-year period. That is, the preparation for this assessment task of the utmost seriousness, not a beauty contest. And then the issues an international company, nothing to represent. Who likes, can, of course, according to its ratings. Faith is a good thing. We have the media take a lot on faith. And now happily picked up: Oh, how beautiful! We mentioned — we are in second place! Oh, thank you, Americans! But based on these data and especially “lick” a website that regularly throws this information, I personally would not become. For me as a specialist in this assessment there is only one criterion: the real combat readiness of the armed forces and their real capabilities most of all, we know the commander in chief. Him all the data are reported in full. And he, if you remember, back in December of last year, on total Board of the Ministry of defence said: “Russia is now much stronger than any potential aggressor, whoever he was. I want to emphasize — any!”. And added that Russia’s strength is not only military factors, but also its history, geography, society and people.


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