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Friday, February 16, 2018

NATO takes on the Baltic States fear: hysteria of the West over Russian-Belarusian exercises

Hysteria deployed in the Western media about the Russian-Belarusian exercises “West-2017”, which will begin September 14, is a cover of its own NATO plans to deploy offensive groupings on Russia’s borders. To such conclusion came the experts — participants of the “round table”, organized Thursday’s “MK”.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on defense and security, Federation Council Frants Klintsevich said that the hype is heated about the teachings in the West is not unfounded. The coming Russian-Belarusian military exercises scheduled, conducted every two years. In addition, the Russian group involved in the exercise a little — just 3,000 people, most of which are officers of the departments and staffs. He reminded that last year Russia held exercises “Vostok”, which were attended by 150,000 people. Western counties railway, air transport to deliver more than 50 thousand troops, however, if such hysteria was not observed.

Franz Klintsevich explained that “the West-2017” there is no need to bring in a full squad deployed connections and associations, as the main objective of the exercises is a “pair of forces and means management, and organization and coherence of the actions of staff and governance bodies in the framework of the Union state. …Is training to practise decision-making staffs, commanders and high commanders”. Will also check the possibilities of the new communications system, which was fully modified and upgraded after the Georgian war.

Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries, political scientist Vladimir Zharikhin also reminded about the difference approaches to the assessment of the actions of Russia and the West:

– Recently – he said – ended exercises in South Korea, where he participated four times more American soldiers than the number of Russian troops, scheduled to participate on the territory of Belarus. For some reason, then the newspaper “new York Komsomolets” not collected “a round table” to Chinese, or Vietnamese journalists to explain why it is such force they’re going to repel the aggression from North Korea. The United States operates on the principle that all things are permitted and there is nothing someone out there cares. And if anyone worried, it is only their problem.

And chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, the expert of the Military-industrial Commission of the Russian Federation Victor murakhovski said that he sees no point in discussing information hype launched by the Western media. He said that almost a year ago “in the framework of the Vienna document the OSCE members, including the Baltic countries, Poland and the rest, were given information about the planned exercises, the quantitative composition involved in them troops, equipment, and the border established by the Vienna document, we do not go on any of the stages of this strategic exercises. But because none of the official bodies of the OSCE and even NATO, claims against the RF is not present”.

Regarding the fact that the West is afraid that under cover of the exercise in this direction would be allegedly deployed our strike force, Murakhovsky said,

– I do not remember in the military history of cases for the year, announced the deployment of shock groupings, and then switched to the outbreak of offensive action. Usually exactly the opposite is happening. This show and recent events. Remember how the first President of Georgia announces the conclusion of a peace agreement and commitment to peace, and then suddenly the night of the missile forces and artillery strikes on Tskhinvali.

However, he acknowledged that the military-political background under the reaction in the West is still there:

– There is always look who benefits, said murakhovski. – It was of benefit primarily to the military industrial complex of Western countries. All these lamentations about the alleged aggressive actions of Russia is a simple request: give us money! The deployment of NATO infrastructure in the Baltic countries and Poland is indeed trying to return to the days of the cold war, was fulfilled when the operational preparation of theaters of military operations and the deployment of connections, the so-called double-based. When the equipment is near the territory of a potential enemy, and the personnel to deploy the strike group is thrown in the air in the shortest time possible, which for us is the main danger. And today, that preparation of the theater of operations — airfields, ports, railway stations in the Baltic countries and Poland — we are seeing on a daily basis. The storage of weapons, materiel, ammunition, the creation of staffs for the deployment of offensive groups. We, as military professionals, not deceiving information that they, allegedly, are only mixed multinational battalions with a total number of 4,000 people. We look at the root: NATO is preparing to deploy offensive groups. And if you count all of what they have deployed, we can clearly say: in the Baltic States they can expand the group, numbering between 120 and 150 thousand, and in Poland — a group numbering 70-80 thousand people. All this is done under the pretext that the alleged Russian are preparing the attack. And the buzz around our upcoming training exercises, NATO uses to cover these in their plans.

See photo essay on the topic:

Threaten any of Europe the teachings of the Russia-Belarus round table discussion on “MK”

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