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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Dialogue is not a solution: who decides on the US war with North Korea

The situation on the Korean Peninsula, exacerbated by the recent rocket launch by the DPRK, sows discord in the American top. On the background of statements of the President of the United States Donald trump that dialogue with Pyongyang is not an option, his vision of the situation suggested the Pentagon chief James Mattis. During the meeting with his South Korean counterpart, us Secretary of defense said that Washington has “not exhausted the options for a diplomatic solution” to the crisis. Whether these words are the desire of the Pentagon to move trump from the North Korean problems? According to our expert, the current statement of the President and the defense Minister is seen as a signal of preparing for war. But, fortunately, not just from trump and Mattis depends on whether it is implemented the most painful scenario.

Photo: James Mattis.

“It is important to realize that the Americans are investing in the concept of diplomacy, – said the chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir VASILIEV in an interview with “MK”. – In their opinion, this approach assumes that it is necessary to press on China to press on Russia – that they, in turn, put pressure on North Korea, forcing the latter to unilaterally capitulate. This concept is very dangerous. The US does not want to go to agreements that could be interpreted as concessions on their part. Today I such concessions do not see. And Washington he pushes himself to a corner where the only possible solution of the problem is the military.

Perhaps – this is my personal interpretation, trump formally gave the green light to the military to develop a military solution to the North Korean problem. Mattis is probably confirmed the readiness to follow this script, but now the Pentagon is not ready. In the context of unpreparedness – that is to say, tomorrow, the United States still will not be able to start full-scale military operation, and it is necessary to understand the statement of the American Secretary of defense.

Do not forget that everything happening is closely following Congress. And a major soon – and the congressmen will be back to work September 5, will, perhaps, not trump’s words or Mattis, and position on Capitol hill. Members of the Senate – not just Democrats, but Republicans, can require the President to seek authority for the war. At the moment, U.S. law allows the head of state for 60 days to conduct some “limited military action”. But “limit to”, most likely, will not work, and the congressmen understand that they can incite a full-scale conflict. Given this situation, the opinion should be taken on Capitol hill. At the same time, it is clear that Congress may delay the consideration of the question of granting the Trump powers for the war.

However, there is another factor – the political situation. It is that objectively pushing trump to foreign adventures. The principle is simple – we are not talking necessarily about the “small victorious war”, but, in case of success, the winner is known, not judged. Perhaps the victory is a little take away from trump’s the prospect of impeachment, will reduce the tension around the investigation about his probable relations with Russia etc.”.


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