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Friday, February 16, 2018

The day of knowledge under threat: the academic year you want to defer for a month

Holiday September 1 proposes to repeal. In the state Duma a bill that regional authorities have the right to postpone the beginning of the school year for a month. In the explanatory notes say that the date of the end of summer vacation must consider religious and climatic characteristics of the region.

photo: pixabay.com

Let’s start with religious characteristics. This year Eid al-Adha just fell on September 1. The Muslim festival remembers about the event when Abraham was about to offer his son in sacrifice, but God had mercy on him and allowed to sacrifice a RAM. In honour of this, Muslims in Eid al-Adha slaughter of sheep. Accordingly, the heads of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, Ingushetia and Dagestan officially announced September 1 a day and the school year will begin on September 4. In Chechnya took a different decision: the children would come on 1 September on a solemn ruler and then connected to a religious holiday. And no special Federal law regions are not required for these solutions. If, based on the FZ, they will take beginning of the school year on 1 October, we should remember that the Islamic calendar is floating, and sooner or later the sheep will have to cut it in this day. Therefore, the Day of knowledge to carry back to the Sep have?

Another rationale is the climate. In some regions, summer is late, but also lasts longer. Therefore, why not extend the holiday for September, and to go on them in June and July. But again, is stupidity. Climate, but if you move in the month of the school year in the schools, the seniors just don’t manage to enroll in universities. And where, finally, then have to move the new year holidays?

What is the mystery of this bill? And that made his faction of the liberal democratic party, and the party on the eve of regional presidential elections is in dire need of PR. It does not matter, pass a law or reject, and it is important to talk about them. For example, another artificial information explosion around the party. Zhirinovsky made a dip in the pool with their young party members, the video uploaded to the Network. And this Wednesday he made a statement that will never swim in the same pool with the men, since such situations cause unhealthy reactions in the media: “Given the too-painful perception of Nude bodies — melting, I mean — I will not do this”. Everyone rushed to revisit “painful videos”, laughed, remembered Zhirinovsky. After all, PR is important, not the subject (sometimes the worse the better), and the desired information explosions, or at least noise.

Not far behind the veteran political clowning and Sergei Mironov. He offered to give the city of Mozdok the title of city of military glory. And nothing strange about that (even in the first and second Chechen war, the Ossetian town was the base for the Federal aviation authority, the main interchange station for the troops, not to mention September 1942, about the great Patriotic war). Intrigued by the form in which it is made — written assignment Putin “to give a Commission to study the possibility”. Or the head of the socialist party has launched a cryptic slogan on the number of regional elections: “it’s Time to go!” To whom, how, where? Well, going back to the first of September, Mironov, on Wednesday staged the whole show with a choice of handles for a schoolboy son: he was outraged by the price of 3800 rubles, but he found an alternative — for 10 rubles than pleased the audience and were very pleased with themselves. By the way, with the transfer on 1 September he agreed, but offered his own, more original act: to prohibit the students to do lessons on Saturday and Sunday: “Our party for a full weekend.” And it will make many more such bills!

You may be surprised by my outrage senseless and merciless PR politicians are middling, because the publicity — it is their profession. Let me explain my position. For consideration mad bills to spend time legislators and our money. And here is our money they could harass not to damage the paper and clogging of the air, and on something useful. And the worst thing — some of the stupid laws sometimes even accepted.


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