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Friday, April 13, 2018

Poroshenko in Kiev methodically “ubaltyvat” congressmen of the United States to give Ukraine a weapon

In the United States of America the voices of opponents of granting Ukraine the latest models of lethal weapon are becoming louder. In this regard, the administration Poroshenko has to give strong arguments in favor of “protecting European values”, which allegedly threatened the destruction of the insidious architects of the “hybrid war”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Last week, the New York Times has published highly undesirable for the Ukrainian authorities the material on a topical theme. According to the columnist of NYT, Michael Kofman, the consent of the President of Donald trump for the supply of Kiev lethal weapons could lead the United States to “indirect war with Moscow, which Washington does not currently ready to win.”

Theoretically, says U.S. expert assistance to Ukraine “admirable”, but the lack of public debate and the surprise announcement of such a decision “raises concerns”. Michael Coffman recommends that the administration trump to chase the “easy political victory”, because in reality the arming of Kiev can be “bad policy.” Columnist for the NYT at the same time allows the possibility of providing Kiev anti-tank weapons the us $50 million

The appearance in the leading newspaper of the West “anti-material” Kiev politeksperty in one voice said “new editorial policy” of the media. They say that before it was possible to publish only paid editorials, now “the Russian petrodollars” flooded the rest of the band authoritative media.

“Debunking” and “refutation” of the author’s thesis New York Times President Petro Poroshenko, Deputy head of his administration, Kostiantyn Yeliseyev, the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin and Chairman of the parliamentary faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” Arthur Gerasimov paid most of the time during today’s communication with influential members of the house of representatives of the us Congress. A delegation from Washington headed by the Chairman of the Subcommittee on foreign activities, foreign operations and related programs Committee on appropriations house of representatives Harold Rogers.

Poroshenko, as reported on his official website, very grateful to the Committee on appropriations, allocation of funds for programs to support Ukraine in the project of the budget of the United States in 2018. This position of the members of the Committee – is nothing but a confirmation of the “leading role of Congress in protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”. Thus, according to the Ukrainian leader, most of these appropriations is preferably even more. Specifically: “the provision of arms of defensive character”, treatment and rehabilitation of Ukrainian servicemen.

The congressional response was not slow to admit that because “the reform efforts of the new Ukrainian government” visible to the naked eye, and Ukraine’s struggle for the restoration of its sovereignty and territorial integrity is a matter of “exceedingly polzitelno,” the United States will continue to support Kiev. Both financially and politically.

Realizing that his arguments were right on target, Poroshenko went even further. The congressmen, according to the President of Ukraine must exert maximum efforts for the official recognition by States of the 1932-1933 Holodomor as “genocide of the Ukrainian people.”

“MK”, referring to this very painful for Ukrainians topics in the past once wrote: from the artificially caused famine in Ukraine died not only representatives of the Ukrainian people, but also Russians, poles, Jews, Germans, Bulgarians, representatives of other ethnic groups inhabiting the Soviet Republic. To reduce the problem solely alleged to have taken place to attempt the highest leadership of the Soviet Union to “destroy the roots” alone Ukrainians – at least counterproductive…

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