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Friday, February 16, 2018

Kurbatov journalist expelled from Ukraine: flagrant violation of the right

At the end of the environment finally became known the fate of the Russian journalist Anna Kurbatova. “The journalist of the First channel Anna Kurbatova crossed the border of Ukraine and Russia” – has posted a message on Facebook, the official representative of the security service of Ukraine Elena Gilanskaya. Kubatova denied entry to the square for three years.

photo: youtube.com

“So it is with everyone who is a disgrace to Ukraine”, commented on the deportation of Elena Gitlyanskaya.

We will remind, the journalist of the First channel this morning kidnapped by unknown people in Kiev, it became known later that it wants to expel from the territory of Ukraine for professional services. Experts of “MK” claim that this is a blatant violation of the right to freedom of the press.

Lately Anna has prepared a series of critical reports on Ukraine, after which she began to receive threats from the local nationalists. By the way, one of her last stories was expelled on August 25 with a Square area of Spanish journalists.

After surrounding the disappearance of Russian journalist began the noise, the press Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya on his page in Facebook explained the fate of the girl: “Russian propaganda Anna Kurbatova will be forcibly returned to Russia. Ukraine is a legal state. At the moment there is a registration of necessary documents for its official expulsion”

Odious politician of Kiev, the adviser of the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak generally believed that his country was worth to exchange Anna Kurbatov Ukrainians Roman Sushchenko, accused in Russia of spying.

But if we leave out all those scathing accusations of denigration of Ukraine of the Russian journalist, in what is still blaming Anna? To this question the answer is still no.

“Ukrainian special services refer to the fact that the Russian TV journalist violated the Ukrainian law, for which he will be expelled from the country. But I would like to understand concerning the violation of any particular Laws in question in this case? – says Mikhail FEDOTOV, Chairman of the Council for civil society development and human rights (HRC) under the President of Russia. – If a Russian journalist had violated migration rules, for example, entered the country on an invalid passport, then all is clear. And if her deportation is associated with professional activity, then it is in any gate not climbing! Because it is a gross violation of obligations under the Helsinki act of 1975, which was adopted in the framework of the OSCE. Ukraine, like Russia, is a member of the OSCE and should respect the commitments that all member countries of OSCE has assumed in relation to the creation of conditions for work of foreign journalists. They should be given the most favorable conditions for professional activity. Media representatives must be allowed everything that is happening in the country to see with your own eyes, help to understand the events and not to deport them for the evil power of stories or articles”.

According to the head of the HRC, the OSCE representative responsible for the rights of journalists, always accurately track such incidents and reaction will follow immediately this time. Indeed, already on Wednesday evening the official Twitter of the OSCE was reported that “the office of the OSCE representative on freedom of the media Allama Désirat urges Ukraine not to arrest and not to expel journalists from other member States of the OSCE.” This appeal on his microblog, the OSCE representative communicates with the situation of the journalist of the First channel Anna Kurbatova.

To protect the professional rights of Russian journalists working in Ukraine, stood the Union of journalists of Moscow.

“We have tomorrow on this issue will gather the Secretariat. We will consider our statement of protest,” – said the head of the Union of journalists of Moscow Pavel GUSEV. According to him, the appeal will be sent in a number of international human rights organizations, including the Confederation of journalists unions. However, he doubted that our journalists will be able to protect against the recurrence of similar situations in the Square. Often European colleagues, hearing on violation of fundamental rights and freedoms on its territory, trying to be blind and deaf. Especially when we are talking about the violation of the rights of Russian journalists.

Agree with him and the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, who considers the incident with Anna Kurbatova, not as a random incident, and sees this as a deliberate provocation and asks: “And somebody of, for example, of the foreign Ministers of the OSCE countries will vote? It is time”.

“The Embassy of Russia in Kiev have taken all necessary measures to clarify the situation around the Russian journalist, to protect its rights and interests. The foreign Ministry of Ukraine and law enforcement authorities sent official notes and treatment. Requested information and at the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow, says the official comments of the representative of the foreign Ministry. – To the doers of outrages in Ukraine against journalists attracted the attention of international human rights organizations and other structures to defend the freedom and independence of the media. I hope for their appropriate reaction and practical steps against the excesses of the Kiev authorities”.

For reference: in August Ukrainian authorities for the third time expelled the journalists from their country. On 15 August they deported the journalist VGTRK the Tamara Nersessian, the 25th day of the expelled Spanish journalists Pampliega Antonio and Manuel ángel Sastre, who did an objective report about the life in Donbass. And finally today it came to Anna Kurbatova. The situation is similar as two drops of water. For example, Spanish colleagues, like Anna, “the Peacemaker” brought in “black list”, they also threatened that will close the entry on the territory of Ukraine. However, after a hard “notes of protest” from the foreign Ministry of Spain in Kiev backed down from the “black list “of journalists were removed.

How the story ends, Anna is still unclear. According to certain data in the media today needs to be deported, in social networks wrote that she went to Russia. But official confirmation of this information. By the way, her colleague from the RTR Tamara Nersisyan representatives of the security service in General night threw near the Russian border and forced to walk to Russia.

I’d like to hope that Anna will return home safely.

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