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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ufologists found on Mars “ancient city”

Studying the footage, obtained by Rovers on the surface of Mars, ufologists have found an unusual shape, very reminiscent of ancient ruins on Earth. According to hunting for aliens, this discovery suggests the existence of an ancient Martian city that was once inhabited by local residents or aliens from distant planets.

photo: pixabay.com

In the video dedicated to the “discovery” ufologists compare some images taken on Mars, photographs of the ruined ancient cities on Earth, and come to the conclusion that between these frames quite a lot in common. Moreover, the authors of the video accuse the specialists of the us space Agency NASA is that some of the building the aliens were removed from the images through photomontage, to hide information about them.

The phenomenon that causes unusual to see the outlines of something familiar, is called pareidolia. This optic illusion is the most common real explanation of “sensations”, which are periodically reported by the ufologists. Looking at the pictures of the moon, Mars and other outer Solar system objects, the self-proclaimed experts very often “see” the stones of unusual shape, topography or shadows of something more unusual. It can be as the traces of an ancient civilization, and ancient animals and their remains or the wreckage of space ships and even aliens in person.

By the way, some serious scientists do not exclude that Mars could support life. One of the arguments in favor of this assumption may be the fact that recently in Gale crater on the red planet were found high concentrations of zinc, and Germany. However, in this case it is about the simplest organisms. As for the more complex forms of life, especially extraterrestrial civilizations within the Solar system, professionals are urged not to take such theories seriously.


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