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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Rumors: Elizabeth II is ready to care and heir called son

From London rumors. Are allegedly on the brink of death, 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth II passes the throne to his son — Prince Charles is his favorite grandson, Prince William. If you believe the rumor, its decision the Queen was accompanied by two indisputable conditions. The first condition reads: Charles needs to abdicate after seven years, when he turns 75, but instead the throne should sit down his son William. Condition two: wife of Charles, Camilla, who is now 70 years old, under no circumstances should not become Queen.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

According to rumors, Queen Elizabeth II, who sits on the British throne longer than any of its predecessors, including Queen Victoria, changed his will at the last minute. Speaking about her grandson, who is now 35, and his wife “commoner” Kate, the Queen allegedly said: “Their time will come!”

Let them, added the Queen, have more time to enjoy their children — Prince George and Princess Charlotte and other kids, if they will lead.

They say that a change of the heirs Buckinghamshi shocked the whole Palace. “She always claimed she would never deny. And in recent years persistently claimed that her throne would inherit William and Kate” — said the entourage of Her Majesty.

Prince Charles is rumored to be behind closed doors, begged his mother to make him a nominal king. He told her: “I’m waiting for this hour for 65 years. You can’t take that away from me these long years.”

Finally, Prince Charles took his mother. An official statement on this occasion, Queen will do after returning from vacation that she spends in Scotland.

But I agree Charles ascend to the throne without Camille? “Camille, the woman strikes back, causing the Queen only disgust. However, it expects that the Queen is too old and ill to block her path to the throne” — whispering in the Palace corridors.

Queen Camilla led the attempts to discredit Kate, “And she refuses to reward this behavior of the wife of Charles”. That is why Her Majesty will never make her Queen, no matter how much begged the Queen Prince Charles,” — says the Palace servants.

The decision of the Queen to enthrone Charles goes against the wishes of the public, which is on the side of Prince William and Kate especially after it became known the harsh treatment of the Queen, Princess Diana, mother of William.

Recently announced secret recordings of Diana from 20 years ago. In them she tells about her “non-sexual” marriage, open communication about her husband with Camilla about how the Royal family had been “isolated and rejected” her.

Diana’s sons William and Harry also talked about how the death of their mother, “shot” them emotionally for many years. All this has caused the outrage against Charles and Camilla in the English public.

However, the Queen decided that William and Kate need more time in order to become a full-fledged monarchs. In the end, the Elizabeth II took a heavy decision for themselves. However, as they say, she had no choice but to make Charles king.

“She knows that her days are numbered. She’s 91, and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh is 96 years old and he has already resigned from his post Prince consort. The Queen wants to spend the last days of his life,” say the courtiers.

However, Camille is not appeased. The will of the Queen does not suit her. She delivered an ultimatum to Charles: “Or I become Queen, or will disclose all the scandals that have shaken the Royal family”.

These are the rumours floating in the corridors Balingasag Palace and Scottish castles. And how the whole story looks really? Read about it in “MK”.



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