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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Media: towers of the Kremlin ran prilepina from the DNR

In the Ukrainian media with reference to one of the volunteers distributed information about the escape of Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin from the DNR, where previously he went to fight in the post samyama of a battalion on work with staff. However the writer himself called this volunteer “fool”, and all those who believe in these messages – “degenerates”. However, he confirmed that now is in holiday and outside the DNR.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As reported by Ukrainian news Agency, “an accomplice of the terrorists Alexander Zhuchkovsky” in his Telegram wrote that the military career of Zakhar Prilepin’s over. According to Zhuchkovsky, about him allegedly learned from the comrades of the “battalion of prilepina”.

The volunteer explained the departure of the Russian writer from the DNR that he allegedly pushed inconsistent with the Kremlin the idea of creating a “little”. After that, he writes Zhuchkovsky began complexity. “There were other unpleasant moments and friction around Prilepin, in connection with his many a tired activity”, – said the volunteer, stressing that the catalyst still was “little Russia”.

He Zakhar Prilepin in Facebook, commenting on the Zhuchkovsky, called it “silly.”

“And, Yes, they’re asking about Zhuchkovsky, and his stories about how I towers of the Kremlin ran from the DNR. Review this: Zhuchkovsky nut,” he wrote.

“And, once again, for all the degenerates: I’ve never worked on one tower of the Kremlin, nobody can dismiss, I do not deny doing, I am a free man in a free country, working as work, to free Donetsk Republic”, – wrote Prilepin, adding that his salary is in DND is 20 thousand rubles. Thus he tried to prove that in DND do not fight over money.

Also, the writer gave comment on this question edition Ruposters. There confirmed that indeed is now outside the NPT, but explained it a vacation.

“I was not sent and can not withdraw. I zamkombata special forces and adviser to the head. Soon I will be in the DNI” – said Prilepin.

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