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Friday, February 16, 2018

Girls in Krasnodar aviaciya taken tougher than beauty contests

The first thing was always the aircraft. Now second place will be divided by gender, because girls will now be able to become pilots. This year the Krasnodar higher military aviation school started accepting girls. It is clear that the doors of this institution were opened to the beautiful half of humanity, but this time the girls will be able to take the controls of the aircraft. Who are these young ladies who dream about military aviation, and in what conditions they have to learn, found out the correspondent “MK”.

photo: Catherine Gabel
Angelina is a graduate of the cadet corps.

In General, the sky, the plane and the girl — the combination is not that rare. In civil aviation the fair sex has become an integral part of, and it is not only about the flight attendants. In the world about 10% of pilots were women. In Germany this percentage is the largest, and moreover, they give preference in the selection. And Russia’s Svetlana Kapanina was generally recognized as the best pilot of the century.

We have, until recently, only men had the privilege to study at flight schools for military pilots. But in the ranks of the girls were brave, who wrote letters to the Ministry of defence and personally Sergey Shoigu with a request to allow them to sit in the cockpit of our su and MiGs. And finally their prayers were answered. In August 2017, on the feast dedicated to the Day of SCD, Sergei Shoigu formally announced the decision of the Ministry of defence to open a reception for the girls in the Krasnodar higher military aviation school. By the way, military pilots, except for isolated cases, did not prepare us since the end of world war II.

The school from their classes has released a huge number of outstanding pilots and aces. Now there will be study of future military pilots.

photo: Catherine Gabel

■ ■ ■

We arrived in Krasnodar the day at a military airfield and 8 of us girls from Moscow I met representatives of a military school headed by the chief, Colonel Victor Lyakhov. But the strong half of humanity stuck to the Windows of the barracks — not every day, in the end, the beautiful paces on the parade ground.

Today the competition in the flight school is already high — more than 10 people in the place. Already received about 150 applications, although each campaign is not over, so probably in one place at the helm of the struggle is heating up. Documents acceptance will end on September 10. And the final decision about who will sit at the Desk in the new year, take on September 26.

In addition to all the standard procedures of selection (of the exam — mathematics, physics and Russian language and a good level of fitness) girls must meet certain anthropometric characteristics which are stricter than in beauty contests.

The responsibility of the Commission is huge. All the girls are very motivated. They have very high scores on the exam — they would have taken in any of the universities in the country. However, they chose a career military pilots. They have two weeks to live in barracks, going through all sorts of tests.

And while the girls, still in civilian clothes (some even in dresses and heels), are built on the parade ground. Of them choose angelina, Moscow — she’s the only one in the form of graduates of the cadet corps and the Sergeant. On this day, she is the eldest among the candidates for the helm. Well-modulated voice, she gives the command “left!” and girls go to the draft Board.

Because girls in our country is not military service, the first thing they will have to pass a medical examination and psychological testing. While the girls get Shoe covers and preparing medical cards, go to the therapist. All measuring devices standard stadiometer, scales, but ordinary centimeter was new. As we explained to the doctors of the medical Commission, in addition to height and weight, you need to make sure that she will be able to reach the steering wheel and feet to the pedals. Therefore, the arm length should not be less than 76 centimeters, and the length of the legs is less than 90 centimeters. All very strictly. Girls are nervous, but determined they had no less than originally.

No concessions in terms of medical examination and psychological selection for girls no, only the standards for the physical and others. They have to run on time, the kilometers and hundred meters and 55 times per minute to do the drill press.

Psychological testing should weed out those who came to learn just of the romantic impulse. But the pilot has to be stress-resistant, and extremely focused and responsible. Such isolated during testing. Girls 8 people get in a class and put the computers. They have to answer a lot of questions before the program will assign them one of the categories from the first to the fourth. The first is the best, but the girls from the fourth have a flight to say goodbye.

After passing the fee entrants are in school. Pedestals on the main Avenue for future trainees look outstanding pilots. Near the bust of Hero of the Soviet Union Maguba syrtlanova head of school, Victor Lyakhov stopped, told the girls her story. During the great Patriotic war she was the Deputy commander of a squadron of female aviation regiment of night bombers. Those “night witches”. Never made a mistake when entering the goal to defeat the enemy. Have someone our young ladies to look up to.

photo: Catherine Gabel

■ ■ ■

As we go to inspect the school, there is time to talk to future cadets.

Tatiana, the entrant from Moscow — from a military family. Her grandfather is a pilot, and my father graduated from the merchant Navy. Therefore, from childhood, listening to stories about the service of the Motherland, Tatiana wanted to become a pilot, but that was not possible. Medical examination it is easily passed. Vision 100%, height, weight and other parameters, it is ideal for flight. “I’d like to go in naval aviation, — she shares their dreams, but for now the main thing — to do.”

Irina from Krasnodar goes to school, “ill” the sky thanks to his wife, also a cadet of this school.

Every night in our kitchen stories about airplanes, she says. — As there was no love in heaven? Will we have such a family row. My husband once asked me to go to flight, but kit was not. I even got a little upset, and then suddenly right in the Grand piano in bushes — the opportunity. Hope to fly together.

Angelina, the entrant from Moscow, she decided to enroll in the flight. Before that I wanted to go to the Military Academy aerospace defense in Tver, but as soon as I heard about the set in Krasnodar, immediately filed the paperwork here. She just graduated from the cadet corps. “I always wanted to serve the country, although in my family no one with the army and not connected. And the sky has always attracted”, she said.

But Anzhelika from Krasnodar always wanted to become a pilot.

— I since the childhood dreamt of the sky, the book “Two captains” I was captivated. But the girls didn’t score, and I received an entirely different specialty this year, graduated from the biology Department in Krasnodar. And now I want to realize her dream, she says.

— And in sport aviation do not want?

— No, only in the military wanted.

photo: Catherine Gabel
Head of school, Victor holds the poles for girls the tour of the flight school.

■ ■ ■

The who apply to universities in the school showed a flight simulator. In a large dark room is the cockpit of the Yak-130, and on the wall — projection familiar to many girls Krasnodar. Full presence effect. The Yak-130 is a training aircraft of 4+ generation. On it girl and will learn on earth first, and the third year is already in the air.

But as they say, war is war, and lunch routine. In the morning the girls are waiting. On the tables, ironed tablecloths, flowers in vases. The table — 4 seats. On the menu today soup and pea soup, three second and three kinds of side dish. And the salad bar. All fresh and natural. And most importantly, very tasty.

Live ladies are in a separate building. For them equipped rooms with all amenities, will live for two people. In each room — certainly a large mirror and… pink Wallpaper. They, by the way, is appreciated by all. And in the evenings the girls will be able to gather together in the great hall. Future cadets carefully inspect their possessions, someone has even quietly mentions that the nightstand ought to be rearranged. The hall has already gathered a large Council — the girls share their impressions. I guess this is how they will sit in the evenings to do jobs together and talk about the sky and airplanes. And really, what else to say in flight school?

photo: Catherine Gabel
Spouse Irina is studying in Krasnodar flight school, and now she decided to become a pilot.

■ ■ ■

It is still unknown what kind of aircraft will serve girls. Victor Lyakhov said that the decision should be individual for each student. Clearly no professional restrictions.

— Pilots — piece job. Of course, many after this selection will be disappointed, but you need to understand that every person is talented. There are talented pilots, talented artists, great politicians and successful athletes. Women by nature are neat and responsible. How many big female names who is hearing! We will choose those who will become the best pilots. And they will be a force on any kind of aircraft — fighter, and war, and assault.

And it is wonderful that young girls in our country is still inspired by the book “Two captains”, and the service of the Motherland put at the forefront.



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