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Monday, February 19, 2018

Anonymous is banned, but not canceled

Who would win in a battle between Putin and anonymizers? The President signed the law on the fight against the last a month ago, but only this Tuesday Roskomnadzor explained how to execute the legislation. The explanation is not convincing, what “MK” was told by a leading field expert, chief specialist of information security Alex SHCHUCHKIN. But first a bit of history. Anonymizers invented intelligence agencies for their own purposes, then they started to use terrorists for their own purposes. A cult, the word has become little more than a decade ago, back in the fat years. Then the owners of the offices suddenly began to notice that their “plankton” is using state-owned computers for other purposes, and for the chatter in the “Classmates” all the pornographic videos. Then the chiefs gave system administrators the command “FAS” to block unnecessary sites, but the whole “plankton” short cried, and began to log on to your favorite resources through proxies.

photo: pixabay.com

Today any more or less advanced user can go to any resource in the bypass system restrictions. Apparently, this sin and state Duma deputies, and their assistants. Therefore, a number of Communists, in collaboration with the Roskomnadzor, has made a law requiring anonymizer to prevent users on public sites is prohibited. As made and adopted, and the President signed. But if it is the law that the wind should not blow more than 3 meters per second, it does not mean that there will be no hurricane. These resources both worked, and work. And only a month after the adoption of the law, Roskomnadzor tried to explain, “how will he stop the wind.”

Controlling office posted the draft order on the portal of public discussion of normative documents regulation.gov.ru. Anonymizers will have to make a black list of sites with illegal information, approved by the Ministry of justice. If they do, it will be blocked themselves. But who is going to expose them and block? Such a rule of law exists in China, but such control by our celestial friends are worth that looks more than the entire Russian Internet traffic. Against terrorists and the rule powerless. They site find. But for the sake of struggle with “Classmates” — is it too expensive? However, I will call specialist.

“Despite the vagaries of nature, people who wanted to escape, found the opportunity to do so. There are no limits to the human mind, if the desire is strong enough and motivated, — said the “MK” Alexey SHCHUCHKIN. — And Roskomnadzor found in the summer of graceful and unexpected decision for the execution of ill-conceived law about blocking services that provide access to banned in Russia or Corporation information resources. “How? How this can be done technically”? asked experienced strategists, online communities, system administrators and security professionals. “After all, VPN services are so common… it is Impossible to track used VPN services to access a forbidden resource or not. The state will not suffice neither forces, nor opportunities”! Roskomnadzor kept proud silence, cunningly narrowing his eyes, smiled slightly at the indignant cries minded citizens, are somehow familiar with the industry. In fact, it was utterly simple and trite. To the state and to do nothing. It is sufficient to publish a decree that all service owners, providing services in data encryption, are required to connect to the Federal state information system. On request, of course. How without request? Oh and if you want to connect, please comply with the connection. The requirements are simple and logical. You must provide information about yourself, your firm, their network locations and addresses, information about the provider, place of residence, passport number, usernames and passwords, the nickname of your beloved dog or cat when not at home, and send the keys to the apartment. Thus, the implementation of the Federal law, signed by the President, absolutely no cost to the state, and the sun, which did not spoil us this summer, will Shine over the country with new power sometime later. Because of the requirements of this law no one will do now. And sometime later also will not… But the way it is, there is! Well, it is not clear why Roskomnadzor restricted to half-measures? I think it would be more logical to give the citizens of the Russian Federation together with the birth certificates lifelong logins and passwords. It would save a huge amount of time of government officials that they could spend on inventing new, more useful laws and regulations aimed at improving the benefit of our citizens.”


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