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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A North Korean missile flew over the sky of Japan

All television programs Japan stopped its programs and started to report that a rocket launched from North Korea, flying over their country. Some high-speed trains in time to stop its movement. The Japanese government resorted to a particularly exciting language, telling the North Korean missile flights over his country. “The action of North Korea, which launched a missile that violated Japanese air space is unprecedented. It is very serious and is a big danger,” — said the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. Later, Abe told reporters that he spoke by phone with President trump: “Views of Japan and the US are identical”.

The last test of the North Korean missile is a direct challenge to President Trump. Recently at a political rally in Arizona trump said that Pyongyang is waiting for “fire and anger” of the United States, if the latter were to continue its provocative test.

Because at that moment there was a pause in the testing of nuclear missiles by Pyongyang, he added that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN “began to respect us.”

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson will also focus on the pause in the trials held by the North Koreans, saying that he was “satisfied that the regime in Pyongyang shows some level of restraint, which we have in the past not seen.” Tillerson added that maybe this will be the way to dialogue.

And that’s when Washington began to hear optimistic statements about North Korea, she said the launch of three missiles close action. It was a Saturday: one of the missiles flew 155 miles. But even this is enough in order to reach the most important South Korean and American military bases, including one which is only 60 miles from Seoul.

Although North Korea has not carried out its threat to launch a ballistic missile in the direction of GUAM, where is the nearest American military base, she launched a rocket over Japan. It is believed that it was a missile of the same type, which was intended for GUAM. Missile — medium range, but it can reach American military bases in South Korea and Japan. In the past, North Korea twice launched missiles over Japanese territory for the first time in 1998, which caused a diplomatic crisis in Asia, and again in 2009 when the White house came the Obama administration. But in those cases, Pyongyang claimed that they experienced taken out the missiles to orbit satellites of earth, this time such a statement was not done.

Like last time when the White house came Obama, and this time, North Korea apparently conducted a test of not only his missiles but also the patience of the new American President.

The rocket, launched early Tuesday morning, launched from the site near Pyongyang. It is said that it was in the center of Pyongyang international airport, which is quite surprising, since Pyongyang first used this place for launch. In American military circles report that if indeed the North Korean rocket was launched from the outskirts of the capital airport, this was done in order to complicate the current threats of the Americans to strike North Korea’s warning shot. Usually North Korea chooses to launch its missiles rather neglected areas where the threat to civilians is minimized.

Lieutenant-General Hiroki Mahar, commander of the Japanese self-defense Forces said that the armed forces of his country was not trying to shoot down the North Korean rocket. However, the government of Japan, which said that it spotted a rocket and followed her path over Japan warned their citizens to take action in their defense. This — in case any parts of the rocket will fall on Japanese territory.

According to the Minister of defense of Japan, a rocket launched by Pyongyang on Tuesday, will likely type “And 12”. This missile qualifies as a missile of secondary actions that can be launched from mobile launchers. The launch occurred at a time when South Korea and the US carried out its missile and nuclear maneuvers. These exercises are mainly conducted on computer screens and are considered “quite normal”. But Pyongyang has described them as interference in internal Affairs.

The United States carried out joint maneuvers with the Japanese armed forces during the last two weeks.

Speaking on national television, Prime Minister Abe announced that his government “is ready to take all necessary measures to protect the lives of its citizens. We stated in strong protest to North Korea, said Abe. — We have demanded urgent convocation of Security Council of the UN.”

South Korea said it is ready to defend itself from North Korean threats. “North Korea should come to the negotiating table, understanding that need to clear the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons. Only this will contribute to economic development in North Korea and needs her security,” said South Korean Minister of foreign Affairs.

North Korea has conducted more than 80 missile tests since, as President Kim came to power in late 2011. However, the latter test differs from previous ones in that the test missile flew over Japan.

Military observers believe that the first goal for North Korea in case of military conflict would be South Korea, Japan and GUAM. South Korea, like Japan, has the most important American military bases. In this sense, they differ little from GUAM.



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