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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Trump has ridden the Texas hurricane: the President is using the disaster for political purposes

Trying in a few words to describe Texas, people say that there is “big” – even the hat, in which, according to the Texas exotics, you can pour several gallons of whiskey. And now the hurricane, nagryanuvshaya on the Texas coast, is served as these fabulous gallon. As he writes in his Twitter President trump, “five hundred years there was such a hurricane in Texas!”.

photo: pixabay.com

The hurricane in Texas is the first major natural disaster that has befallen the presidency trump. Of course, as expected, the U.S. President gathered on Tuesday to fly to the scene. He sees Texas in the fight against catastrophic flooding and torrential rains that will continue for several more days.

Schedule a presidential visit to Texas can put trump in a very difficult situation, for a natural tragedy will be added to the puzzling logistics of the presidential route. According to the White house, that the travel plans of the President in Texas are being developed and may be subject to change.

However, a huge number of “tweets” that feeds the President of America, suggests that the hurricane “Harvey” has infused new energy into the trump.

On Friday, when the storm started to strike the coast of Texas, trump in his microblog began to extol the rebuff of the administration of the disaster. He has organized video conferences with members of his Cabinet signed a document declaring Texas a disaster area.

However, the hurricane in Texas, indeed, the entire national event, which is pushed out of the media almost all other political and economic problems. American media, as they say, served a Texas tragedy “from wall to wall.” In this media storm of criticism of trump in connection with other problems goes somewhere on a very distant back burner.

“Of course, a hurricane is a severe test, however, the fact that we have the site of the great talents of people is good news,” says the President of the United States. He began to extol the administration and its activities in Texas almost simultaneously with the moment when he began to settle hurricane. Here’s another of his tweets: the message of the head of Federal Agency for management of emergency situations (FEMA) Brock long said: “You’re doing a great job! The whole world looks at you.”

Not to recall the message from President George Bush to the head of the same service to Michael brown, “You still do the job.” It was about the hurricane Katrina in August 2005. However, after this praise for brown was struck by a new disaster — streams penetrated into New Orleans and flooded it. Hurricane “Jarvi”, I repeat, the first natural disaster trunovskogo presidency and it is quite clear that the White house fears not to be trapped, just like George W. Bush. When Senator Charles grassli, a Republican from Iowa, warned trump not to repeat the mistakes of Katrina, the President replied on Twitter: “chak grassli, I took your message clear and loud. We have fantastic people in Texas. They were there long before the hurricane. While things are going well!”

In the fight against hurricanes of the current administration greatly helped by the fact that a past experience of Katrina, now serve in trompowsky administration. These include, for example, security adviser Thomas Bossert. He worked in the system of FEMA when hurricane Katrina struck the United States. And the current head of FEMA Mr long also held a programme against “Katrina”.

On Friday Bossert stated that the hurricane is the thoughts of all members trompowsky administration. “In our experience, the inherent memory of the past, — he told reporters. — This memory is the result of our experience or, so to speak, the muscles of our past.” Bossert said that the hurricane flew to Texas in a “comfortable” trump’s time. “Hurricane headed straight for trompowsky the alley, he said. Now it faces problems that are not of a geopolitical nature or broad political past. Now the issues facing trump say how well we help people who have suffered from the storm?!”

Usually a major disaster, typically used owners of the White house in order to draw public attention to their activities. For example, after the Haiti earthquake in 2010, Barack Obama released a flurry of statements and photographs that were supposed to prove the President has all the levers to help the people affected by the earthquake. He sent one of his closest aides, Denis, Macdona in the Haitian capital Port-AU-Prince, that he personally supervised the dismantling of the results of the cataclysm. Obama received the endorsement of the public in connection with this activity, but after four months he was subjected to derogatory criticism that he was slow in his response to the events in the Gulf of Mexico, where oil is “British petroleum” has filled a huge space.

Before the hurricane in Texas the government trump is not faced with any external or with a home crisis. Critics asked, how the President will behave when subjected to such examination? The response to hurricane “Harvy” to what extent should the answer to this question.

The fact that in the course of hurricane trump suddenly left the capital and went to camp David lifted a brow in surprise. However, as stated by Bossert, camp David is only 45 minutes from the White house and is equipped with communication lines, allowing the President to be in constant contact with his Washington staff.


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