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Friday, February 23, 2018

Putin has taught the Hungarian premiere of the theory of art to win

Vladimir Putin in Budapest promised to teach Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in the basics of judo. “Talk theory,” he said, adding that is one of the authors of the textbook. Useful combat skills, which teaches the art of winning, both policies can be useful in the near future: in the spring of 2018, elections will be held not only in Russia but also in Hungary.

photo: kremlin.ru
Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orban.

Vladimir Putin for the second time this year, visits Hungary. It is obvious that such attention to the most important European country is not only opened on August 28 by the world judo Championships, but with a special relationship the President has with the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, whom evil tongues called almost a satellite of the Kremlin. In Brussels I suspect that the Russian leader is not accidentally going to Budapest now that within the EU there is a growing conflict between the old and the young Europeans. Hungary, the Czech Republic, and now Poland is getting louder protest against the existing EU rules and trying to pass laws to protect their own interests, to which, as you know, regularly calls on Vladimir Putin.

Recently, Viktor Orban has announced that it will fight for “Europe remains a Europe for Europeans” against the “bureaucrats in Brussels”, “media” and “liberal intellectuals,” preparing for the European countries to Islamization. The ideological contradictions between the Hungarian Prime Minister and European officials have come to direct insults, and almost to blows. Tell that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker tried to give the Orban a slap in the face and the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Budapest Gaius Sistema publicly compared headed by the Hungarian government with the terrorists, after which he was immediately declared persona non grata and expelled from the country.

However, Moscow to intervene in intra-European showdown and the more heated conflict is not going to, as they say, lovers ‘ tiffs are harmless. According to the Kremlin, repeated Putin’s visit to Hungary is connected exclusively with the world championship in judo. Even the invitation first came through the International judo Federation, and only then — from Viktor Orban, who decided to take the opportunity to, as diplomats say, to compare notes with his Russian counterpart.

Putin’s meeting with the Hungarian Prime Minister took place right in the sports arena to them. Of Papp Laszlo sports arena, where the President went from the airport. In fact, the Hungarians hoped that GDP will take part in the opening ceremony of the championship, but the punctuality, as we know, is not the strong side of the Russian leader. When the motorcade of the head of state slowed down at the stadium, invited to open the public al Bano already sang all their hits, sports officials read out the speech, and the few spectators ate popcorn and hot dogs. Well, nothing, but Putin and Orban are able to talk effortlessly.

— Good capabilities in the fields of sports events to discuss bilateral relations. If last year we had a decline in trade, in the first half of this year increase — 20 percent — said the Russian President. He recalled that the flagship of Russian-Hungarian cooperation project is the construction with the participation of Russia in the second stage of NPP “Paks”. Over the past six months in this area has finally happened the long-awaited progress: the European Commission after three years of deliberation approved the construction of new units, so that Putin and Orban left to negotiate only the time works. According to the President, workers and equipment can reach the construction site in early 2018. Necessary $12 billion will be provided in the form of state credit by the Russian side.

For Viktor Orban, the start of the atomic project, which in future will provide employment for 10 thousand people, will be a boon to the campaign. Unlike Vladimir Putin, the Hungarian Prime Minister has already announced that his party Fidesz will take part in scheduled for spring 2018 elections and expects to win. If this happens, Orban will get the post of Prime Minister for the third time, and his position in the conflict with the European Union significantly strengthened.

Russian-Hungarian negotiations were in full swing when the arena started the fights of judoists. Vladimir Putin is the honorary President of the International Federation. And his childhood friend, the entrepreneur Arkady Rotenberg, was recently elected as development Director for this organization. However, despite such weighty moral and financial support (the head of the Russian Federation is another person involved in the list “Forbs” Vasily Anisimov), special achievements at the world Championships, our wrestlers are not yet Shine.


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