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Monday, February 19, 2018

Poet and citizen Bulk: poems attributed to Bastrykin, give a deep hostility

“Bulk swaggers again! And again to the barricades calling! And it is once again soon sasparilla when a new transit come!..” According to the online publication Meduza, these and many other verses “the Polish poet Stanislaw Stronismo”, dedicated to the leader of the Russian non-system opposition, belong to the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin. Refutation of Sledkoma still followed. Although this is not the case when official can afford to keep the intrigue. If we assume silence is assent, then immediately the question arises about the objectivity and impartiality of the investigation into numerous criminal cases involving Navalny and his supporters.

photo: Alex geldings

In principle the same question arises for other reasons. But until now, neither the investigators nor the chief could not be accused of that their relation to the citizen Navalny was mixed with some personal motives. Meanwhile, this is a critical time from the point of view of law. Remember the famous scene from “Mimino”? “Did the defendant feel personal enmity towards the victim?” “Yes, experienced. He said to me, such personal hostility I feel for the victim, I can not eat that”. — “But the defendant claims that he did not papishvili”. — “Listen, how familiar?.. Valiko I said, look, said, who is this victim, where he went? I never saw this…”

For the defendant’s personal hostility to the victim — a circumstance confirming and aggravating. But expressed antipathy towards him on the part of the investigator, the Prosecutor or the judge — a fact bring grist to the mill of protection. The turbulent flow. Remember, by the way, another example of Soviet cinema, belonging to the same historical period multiseries detective “the Investigation leading Experts”. In the beginning of the film “the Shepherd boy with a cucumber” the investigator Znamensky refused to conduct the case on the grounds that one of the defendants he “strongly unpleasant”. “But his actions in the case have objective assessment, persuades the fundamental Pahl pahlich their immediate supervisor. — I it will be difficult. I’m afraid to give in to prejudice.”

Of course, the immortal image created by the actor Georgy Martynyuk, too perfect, to require from the guardians of the law literal compliance with him. But it is necessary at least to this ideal to strive for. The more that are exactly the same require employees SKR and its own regulations. “The investigative bodies of the Investigative Committee should… be picky, principled, impartial in decisions, avoiding to influence them any prejudice, hostile or friendly feelings, — reads the order of the head of the RCDS “On polite and attentive attitude of the staff of the TFR to the citizens” on January 15, 2011.

Apart from internal ethical code there is a strict requirement of the law. According to article 61 of the criminal procedure code the persons participating in the proceedings, should be removed from his case are revealed the circumstances, “giving reason to believe that they personally, directly or indirectly, interested in the outcome of this criminal case”. In fairness, however, it should be noted that direct participation in the production of a variety of Affairs and Affairs Bulk Bastrykin had not formally adopted. But to say that he does not have anything to do with them, it would be even more unfair.

It is worth remembering, for example, as developed in the investigation of now-famous case of “Kirovles”. Initially, the Kirov division RCDS revealed in the actions of the Bulk of the offense. Guide Sledkoma abolished it “immature” decision and submitted the materials to the Department of the TFR in the Volga Federal district. But it found no grounds for criminal prosecution of the opposition. It was initiated by the Central office of the TFR and transferred to the Kirov division. Which again did not justify the trust and dismissed the case for lack of action Navalny and Ofitserov crime.

The patience of the head of the SKR burst, and he staged a public dressing down his subordinates. “You there, there is one man by the name of Bulk — fumed and raged Bastrykin, speaking to delegates from Kirov, the Board of the TFR in July 2012. — A criminal case. Why did you stop, even without informing the management Committee. No forgiveness, no mercy will be…” After a more than clear indication the investigation was, of course, resumed and now it went like clockwork. Actually, already one of this amazing series of excitations, terminations and new stimulations, not to mention the emotional failure of the Chairman of the TFR, leads one to suspect Bastrykin, to put it mildly, in not indifferent attitude to the opposition. But poetry is if they really belong to his Peru — put an end to the last doubt.

Judging by the posted online the verses, dislike “the Polish poet Stanislaw Stronismo” Navalny has reached the stage described by the model of Frunzik Mkrtchyan: the personal animosity that can not eat. Rate, for example, the following lines: “After all, Lech — he’s an American production! Got it in Barely his diploma! The five received at the rate of “action”, “World Fellows” climbs ahead!” The noble rage of the poet against Navalny and his associates clearly did not benefit the quality of poetry: the works of Stronismo difficult to characterize it as mediocre crambo. But it gives a fairly complete picture about the mindset of the author. The image of this is that if Trenevski really was the head of Russia’s Investigative Committee, he, as the investigator Znamensky, would have to immediately recuse himself.


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