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Monday, February 19, 2018

In the banner of rally for Internet freedom Sakharov cut off the word

Demonstration against the “Spring package”, a ban proxies and in General the control system for citizens to access their personal data and correspondence, which, according to the organizers, to build power through the constraints of the network was held on Sakharov Avenue. Meetings with the overall political agenda for a time gave place to a local and very specific protests. However, a number of them much inferior to anti-corruption rallies.

photo: Anastasia Rodionova

The organizers of the event were gaining more and more weight Roskomsvoboda, a monotone fading PARNASSUS, the Pirate party, which for many years pleases its name to the inhabitants, as well as a number of opposition organizations. Rally against Internet censorship already passed in Moscow in July, then he gathered about two and a half thousand participants on the Boulevard ring.

The right to access to information, the right to encryption of private communications and anonymity remain a fundamental digital rights that we want to select the lawyer of the organization Roskomsvoboda Sarkis of Darbinyan, one of the initiators of the protests against censorship on the Internet.

photo: Anastasia Rodionova

“It’s time to swing right, he said in social networks, calling to go to the rally. – Until it is too late.”

Dorbinyan, by the way, one of the defenders Dmitry Bogatov, who is under house arrest admin of Tor node. With its IP address, someone wrote the appeal of extremist content, and is now accused of the Bogatov. In support was a separate column, chanting: “One for all and all for the Internet.”

Another column in defense of the journalist “the New newspaper” Ali Feruza was not destined “to come true” – all its participants were sent to a paddy wagon.

photo: Anastasia Rodionova

At the beginning of the action the organizing Committee of the rally against censorship experienced its effect. Them one word “shortened” main banner. From the stretch “the Internet is not taken away, the bastards.” That’s just “creeping” police carefully cut out with scissors before the action.

Among the protesters were many of the “left” nationalists, anarchists, and even representatives of the LGBT movement. For the latter, however, the event ended quickly and dramatically. It all started with the conflict is internal. On Sakharov Avenue, there was a group of LGBT activists with their inherent symbolism of the rainbow. One of the girls began to unwrap the colorful flag, but from another column attacked the representatives of the nationalists and obscene comments snatched from her hands the banner of the movement. The girl burst into tears, her colleagues whistled and began to verbally Express dissatisfaction. Suddenly, the Riot police stormed the Avenue through the fence, grabbed under the hand of the girl, devoid of the flag, and at the same time grabbed the elderly woman who tried to intervene and prevent the arrest. However, in the further course of the meeting the incident is not affected, except that several speakers mentioned in their speeches, the actions of the police.

Nationalists joined in the General chorus with their chants. Anarchists shouted: “the Right to take and not give.” All gathered for a rally of no more than two thousand people.

Administrator “Protest of Moscow” Mikhail Chichkov said that the Spring law violates several legal norms of the European Union on the protection of information. “So, Russian IT companies will not be able to work abroad”, – he stressed.

Dmitry Semyonov from the scene said that he personally has experienced the effects of the laws on the limitation on the Internet. In particular, he was convicted repost pictures of the Deputy Vitaly Milonov, on which was written the sentence to death in case of refusal of Orthodoxy.

Ian Kotilevsky, blogger and activist said that he was beaten, burned cars, and then “planted because I denounced all evil , but I’m alive only thanks to the Internet.”

But most of all, the crowd applauded the head of the Moscow headquarters of Alexei Navalny Nikolai Leskino.

He lamented the fact that the action involved a few people, but said that this amount “they are afraid”.

The Laskin suggested as flashmob “to write the truth about the officials.”

“All their neighbors, their relatives should know the truth about them,” urged the Laskin.

Alexander Letree, Creator of “the red button” said: “Today Russia stands at a crossroads between two roads in a bright future with advanced technology, free Internet and – road to nowhere”.

As noted by someone of the speakers, one of the most important slogans of the day was “To hell with the rain.” Wet and somewhat discouraged by the sudden arrests, the protesters dispersed.

“Here’s a free Internet, first see that for the rainbow flags of the screw,” said they.


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