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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Yeltsin center – Pantheon of radical liberalism

Radical liberalism, without exaggeration, can be called a wild cave since it is based on the absence of any rules. His devoted apostles – the liberals do not recognize the restrictions, in other words, the radicals of liberalism.

Their moral freedom. The goal of life – freedom at any cost. Even if for the sake of this freedom will have to be razed to the ground, and then eradicated. Dissent. Radical liberals, compromising the freedom of creation, freedom of destruction, deliberately threw to the masses poisoned cocktail that undermines the traditions and practices that underpin society. Resting from time to time.

Soothe the searing thirst, getting drunk on impunity, the giver of permissiveness, they shamelessly covered the nakedness of anarchy, motley clothes of individual freedom. The coveted freedom of radical liberalism – the creation of destruction. The collapse of the Soviet Empire – a burning trophy of all times and peoples, smoldering on the altar. He will long be the subject of his special pride.

The ideology of radical liberalism – freedom from any restrictions in the community like themselves. Simply put – militant anarchism. It is a priori not accept obligations to society. For him, commitment is burdensome, because, contrary to the credo – the crowd is primitive and backward. From time to time. Because the motto of the radical liberal personality above all else, transforms it into rust, corroding society. State. Empire.

Excessive desire for individual freedom, to the detriment of collective resilience, transformerait radical liberal in diseased cells of society. A striking example is Friedrich Nietzsche. The ideologist of intellectual violence, glorified his anthem remains the undisputed idol of the radical liberals. His legacy, monolithic volumes that adorn the libraries of all countries of the world.

No less significant supporter of radical liberalism, was the first to lead the largest fragment of the Russian Empire. Like, no one operated the bulldozer, he enthusiastically began to destroy what was built thousands of years. Tear, on the living, the brotherhood of like-minded and blood people. Proclaimed: “Take as much sovereignty as you take” – the apotheosis of the tragic cynicism in relation to the Titanic work of ancestors, centuries of suffering, the relationship between them. It is not surprising that a distinctive feature, namely, the radical liberals, is a complete disregard for the opinions of others. They can not stand dissent. Even if it’s dissent of the majority. It causes rage and hate. Just look at the radical liberal in the heat of the argument, as becomes obvious contempt for those rights and freedoms, which seemed to protect it, the preachers of liberalism.

Alas, the majority from the dissent, it gets worse, because it categorically is declared backward. Cave. Underdeveloped. What to do, as history teaches us, radical minority often wins because better organized. The majority opinion is not taken into account. Because the main Democrat of the new Russia, did not consider it possible to even think that, secretly signing the Belavezha accords, it violates the will of the majority, expressed and legalized by referendum in 1991.

However, Heaven is not fooled, but because of extremes of any sort is unsustainable by definition, because of their pathological inferiority. Extreme is always a pathology, and not the norm. A crash, and not creation, therefore, is not adapted to interact with the majority, because from her point of view, the majority is always inert and limited, and his destiny – submissive obedience.

Such attitude is a marker of radical liberalism, not allowing his followers organically integrated into the unhurried life. They will always go against. Most. Thereby dooming itself to failure, since the parts are not destined to win the whole. By analogy with a sick cage, against which mobilized all the resources of the body. So, the elimination of parts, for the sake of survival the whole time. Evolution has not been canceled. Its laws slowly, but inexorably. Because the meteoric rise of the radical liberals, a very short. The brightest representatives are extinguished, one after another, not realizing that pathological attitude is the reason such imminent departure from the sky.

But, what makes it possible, coming to the levers of power, radical liberals? It is naive to believe that everything happens by itself. Spontaneously. Spontaneously.

The coming to power of the radical liberals is prepared long before it sounds the oath of the President. But by whom, when and how? Most curious, but the path to power of radicals, liberalism, paved with liberal aspirations of the romantics. A significant example of which, is the first President of the USSR.

Romance, always start first by staying in the tail. History. That is the first liberal romance, destined to become the last President of the Soviet Union. But the romantics have an undoubted advantage, they are less harmful to society, of course, in comparison with the radicals.

Radical liberals are individualists predators, justifying the beast inside, a desire to progress. They fail to realize that a compromise between individual freedom and reasonable restrictions in the community of their own kind, a necessary condition for the survival of the community, its adaptation to reality, which is expressed in increasing competitiveness. Without exception, the coup (revolution) are made by radical liberals. No matter how they are called in different times. What is more important. Many are still fascinated by the ephemeral concept of freedom without realizing that freedom is a daily, Titanic work. First and foremost, a work of the soul.

Impossible, suddenly, to be free, hearing the call of another of blowhard. Only gradually, freed from error, dispelling illusions, entangling the minds, the person becomes free. Free, in a community of their own kind, where individual freedom is part of the collective, and the collective – an essential condition of an individual.

Elections are coming. Radical liberals will come in sheep’s clothing, promising, as always, welfare and prosperity. But inside, the essence of wolf. By their fruits know them. Not to be wrong’d…

Alexey Alexandrovich Parfenov, born October Seventeenth!


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