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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Why Poland is at the same time make trouble with Germany and Russia

In a large, noble and theoretically friendly family of the European Union internal loud scandal smashing crockery, throwing furniture and the flow of mutual accusations and counter-accusations. The Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo unexpectedly demanded from Germany a large-scale financial compensation for the damage from the Second world war. The Germans immediately refused to pay.

photo: AP
Angela Merkel and Beata Szydlo.

Way to force Berlin to change its position from Warsaw are not available. The topic is closed? Not at all. The Polish ultimatum to Germany was not the result of random turbulence in the restless minds of the politicians in Warsaw. It’s not just about trying to “cut the dough” under false pretenses. It is also about the desire of the Polish leaders to return to his country the role of regional superpower.

Poland – a country whose political class suffers from two divergent but closely related to each other psychological complexes. The first of them is the national inferiority complex, a thrill that treacherous neighbors here-here again will eat your guts. And I must admit that I was born, this complex does not come out of nowhere. The history of Poland from the second half of the 18th century to the second half of the 20th century – is a solid chronicle humiliating for any Polish patriot foreign domination.

Three sections of the Kingdom of Poland between Russia, Austria and Prussia ( 1772, 1793 and 1795) led to the disappearance of this state from the map of Europe. At the end of the First world war Polish state was restored. But after two decades the majority of the territory of Poland had been swallowed up by Hitler’s third Reich. At the end of the Second world war the Soviet army liberated Poland from German occupation. But the independence and autonomy of the Polish people’s Republic were largely notional notions, all major decisions were taken in Moscow. Countdown full Polish independence should be conducted only in 1989.

The second major Polish psychological syndrome – a complex of national superprecedent, underlined national superiority. During the first Russian tsars of Poland was a European superpower and he had a real chance to subjugate our country. In the 17th century the border between Russia and Poland took place not far from Moscow – Smolensk even to 1654 was part of the Polish state. Well before the outbreak of the Second world war the second Polish Republic included such settlements as the current capital of Lithuania Vilnius and the current Ukrainian regional center of Lviv.

For the Polish political elite and a significant part of Polish society, all these historical facts are not “ancient legends”. As in Russia, the past in Poland did not become truly past. As aptly noted by the expert from Moscow Yuri Solozobov: “Russia and Poland are constantly coming forward with his head turned the wrong way. Why so many holes and rake out of the blue”. Allow yourself to complement a respected expert to add another reason for the appearance in the Russian-Polish relations such a number of “pits and rakes.” Modern Russia – the country with the syndrome of a besieged fortress. We feel we are under pressure on all fronts and directions. Whatever was said in the West and in the individual republics of the near abroad, we have neither the strength nor the desire for expansion. The motives of all of Moscow’s actions – the desire to keep the “line of defense” to repel the onslaught of many competitors.

But modern Poland is a country that believes that she has a historic opportunity to restore at least part of its former greatness and power. The period since 1989 was Poland’s very successful. For the countries of the former Soviet bloc like Bulgaria, the European Union was evil and cruel stepfather. But in relation to Poland, he behaved like an affectionate and caring parent. Poland was one of the largest recipients of money from the European Union of the so-called structural funds – funds where invested “rich Buratino”, the main locomotives of Europe – France and Germany.

Economic and political success turned the heads of politicians in Warsaw. To redraw the map of Europe and to take away the territory from the neighbors in Poland, of course, is not going to. But Warsaw is openly committed to the role of “big brother” to neighboring former Soviet republics, their “guide” in the world “European values”. The latter is associated with the desire of the scandal – the design of the new Polish passports. There are depicted views of cities, which the Polish are not the same Lviv and Vilnius. The tension in relations with Russia and Germany – part of the same strategy. Trying to belittle other States in the region, Warsaw aims to raise themselves.

This is compounded by several circumstances. As reminded me of Yuri Solozobov, “now the grace period ends, when Poland has received from the European budget than it gave. From 2020, Warsaw should begin to pay the money. But Poland’s population is aging quite rapidly, and many young people went to Britain and Germany.” The best form of defence is attack. Presenting financial claims leading EU country, Germany, Poland nadeiatsa to knock out of the European Union concessions in the sphere of interbudgetary relations.

To aggressive gestures towards the neighbors official Warsaw and pushed by domestic political considerations. The current informal leader of Poland Jaroslaw Kaczynski (Prime Minister and President are considered to be instruments in his hands) is committed to permanently subjugate the state institutions and actively pushing for favorable changes in the legislation. It encounters, including loud protests of the European Union. Against this background, Kaczynski is very profitable to change the subject and knock kospiri from the hands of their critics. They say, you accuse me of being UN-democratic? And you, Germans in General are the heirs of Hitler, not wishing to pay for the evil that they did to our country!

Rude? No questions asked. But rudeness is no longer considered a blemish in the Polish politics. The main feature of the ruling is now in Poland the Kaczynski party “law and Justice” was originally aggressive nationalism, coupled with a complete lack of self-irony and a pathological inability for critical self evaluation. But only if the Kaczynski case? The previous leader of Poland from the ranks of moderate “Civil platform” Donald Tusk held the same line on the transformation of Warsaw’s older brother for neighbouring countries. Another thing is that Tusk did it beautifully, elegantly, and not on the forehead. Kaczynski to such “fine work” is not capable. That’s why the desire of Poland to become a regional superderjavoy became noticeable to the naked eye.


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