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Saturday, February 17, 2018

We care about Putin is married or mile single?

First to reviews “with admiration and aspiration” to Melania trump from Russian TV screens drew attention in his blog, Sergei Dorenko. And suggested that it was not good — it is not carrying whether matrimonial plans and our President? Since the main Federal channel is insisting on “the needs of the leader in reliable wife”? As usual, the version has found followers today have not only idle users, but many scientists, psychologists, sexologists and even astrologers seriously suspect that we will soon shout “Kiss!” at the Federal level. A President theoretically prefer such kind people the Russians is a diligent family man, or the eternal sex symbol, single, and always free for fans, – the “MK” asked the social.

photo: kremlin.ru
Russian President Vladimir Putin and the wife of the U.S. President Melania trump.

The alarm in the rhythm of the high “Wedding March” Sergey Dorenko scored on the channel in the Network back in June: “I’d like you to pay attention to the program “Time will tell”, where June 14, nearly an hour in the beginning, “the First channel” with admiration and aspiration spoke about the role of Melania trump in the life of the President of America. That means the wife and loyal friend in the house. All attempts of experts to move away from this topic was dismissed leading”. Oh, they marry our President! Get ready to yell “Kiss!” exclaimed a well-known journalist.

Well, now, after all , begins the season of weddings.

– Could this be preparing the audience to the matrimonial intentions of the head of state?

Psychology media there is such a thing as the Overton window, which is shifted from the impossible and invalid to the probable and even desirable, says the social, the political scientist Daniel Garcia. – This technique is widely used in propaganda, PR and politics. For example, cannibalism is totally unacceptable topic, which even aloud to say unpleasant and not accepted. But if one is to initiate a series of discussions on the topic of “How awful cannibalism”, and “What it awful,” then “For whom it is a terrible thing…”, after “For whom it is not terrible, and why…” – gradually the ear of the audience samylina and the theme will be conditionally acceptable — that is, socially adapted. At this stage it is too early to say that cannibalism is okay, but talking about it already. So at the time happened to sex, which were not in the USSR, and in Russia of the 90s, he appeared on the screens and in print in such numbers, people didn’t even have time to notice where it came from. To adopt any of the information the audience is prepared — whether it is a class of schoolchildren or the people of the whole country. So this possibility is not excluded, though to insist that this is why the experts of the Federal channel praising Mrs. trump, I would not.

– Which President, in your opinion, closer in spirit to our people — a family man or a bachelor?

– In spirit, rather, a family man, with children, grandchildren, home comfort and cooking recipes from the first lady. But after the power of Raisa Gorbacheva and active “family,” Yeltsin’s people are tired of the involvement of the presidential family’s Affairs. Therefore, the image of Putin-“neocaledonica” has won many men’s hearts — as an example and symbol of male freedom. For women it remains a conditionally available — that is, even knowing that in real life may never see the President alive, every citizen subconsciously acknowledged Putin is — he’s not married! It is also known “the macho effect”, which is actively used by the stars of show business. A sex symbol should always be free for his fans. That is why Enrique Iglesias is so long concealed his marriage with Anna Kournikova. If a display will inspire compliments Melania trump (with all the rumors about her model past and even the present presidential) the Russian people on the applause to the new, young, stylish and meets international standards of a first lady? Not sure what all. Some part will definitely feel frustrated. But the other part will find in the news a definite plus and will move yourself to the proverbial Overton Window.

Recall: in the spring of 2013 viewers, readers and Internet users suddenly found out that many European and overseas politicians of the first echelon and even ordinary living men, tired of the grumpiness of his old wives and dreaming of a quiet life devoted to work. Lord Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Hollande and their ilk so touchingly shared with the people their family squabbles that the right wanted them to sympathize. And certainly didn’t want to disturb them to get a divorce. Because it is so human, so understandable, could happen to anyone, even if you’re the President. Coincidence or not, but on 6 June 2013, the country learned that our President and this happened…Our resilient people immediately, as is customary with us, ate salty tears with a joke: “the President’s Initiative was supported by the Prime Minister stating that he had long wanted to divorce his wife, and the government of Dagestan, in full filed for divorce. SK brought criminal case against the author of the ballet “Esmeralda”, a work which set up the President to step on the throat of the institution of marriage”, etc.

In every joke, as you know, there is a joke share, the rest – a hint. And what people’s heart will calm down, life will show itself Mr. President.


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