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Saturday, February 17, 2018

The question of reparations Poland closed: the expert described as “ridiculous” the demands of Warsaw

The Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo unexpectedly announced that her country has the right to compensation of damage from the Second world war by Germany. According to the Polish Prime Minister, payment of war reparations to restore historical justice. After so many years, such claims may seem absurd, as already hinted in Germany. The German government stressed that this issue is closed, because it had already been resolved in the past. It is obvious that the chances of Warsaw to receive reparations go way down. In that case, why Poland made these requirements right now? This “MK” talked to the experts.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

“Greece a few years ago also demanded reparations from Germany, recalled in a conversation with “MK” head of sector for European studies Center for European studies at IMEMO, Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Kvashnin. — This was due to the debt crisis in this country. Was very hard negotiations between the governments of Greece and Germany, and in an attempt to make Berlin more amenable Greeks put forward the idea that they were not to be paid reparations for the Second world war. With Poland now is about the same. Yes, there is the debt question, but there are enough serious differences between Germany and Poland about the political development. Warsaw is very often accused of authoritarian tendencies, and the poles are forced to press contribuinte against their European partners. In the course of going and are quite demagogic demands.”

“Poland is not the first time during the EU membership raises the question about certain compensation for the Second world war — said in comments “MK” associate Professor of the Department of Integration processes, MGIMO Alexander Tevdoy-Burmuli. — The first time was back in the mid 2000-ies, when discussing the draft Constitution of the European Union and the decision-making system. Then President Lech Kaczynski said that Poland must have the number of votes that would be her, if she hadn’t lost so many people during the Second world war. This caused a categorical rejection not only from Germany but also the EU. The question was removed, but the sediment remained.

It’s such a signature style of the ruling Polish party “law and justice” is to assert the protection of Polish national interests up to demand reparations from Germany. Today this issue has been raised again due to the fact that Warsaw has a complicated relationship with the European Union: the Polish government made significant amendments to the procedure for appointment of judges could change the law on other issues and in General does not approve of the liberal policy of the EU. In this context, Europe is even threatening the poles by certain sanctions, and “law and justice”, apparently, decided to raise the rates. In fact it is not a very efficient scenario. But the internal audience such a tough rhetoric of demand, and calculation, must have been just that.

It would be ridiculous now to talk about the payment of some reparations from the Geraniums. Poland formally renounced them in the 50-ies of the last century. That is, Warsaw is no legal basis to demand payment. In addition, this is nonsense — in the framework of the European Union country demanded reparations from the other. Germany is never going. This requirement is clearly not fulfilled, but perhaps it will give additional political points of the party of Kaczynski within the country, while even more complicating the relationship with Brussels.”

Response: Germany has responded to claims by Poland of compensation payments for the Second world


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