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Sunday, January 21, 2018

The evidence of life on Mars

Experts at the American geophysical society studied the chemical composition of Martian soil and came to the conclusion that in the past the Red planet with a high probability of being occupied. Proof of life on Mars researchers found a high content of zinc and of Germany in the studied samples of sedimentary rocks.

photo: pixabay.com

Interested specialist samples were obtained by the Rover Curiosity in Gale crater. Researchers claim that germanium and zinc contained within them in order, and probably two orders of magnitude greater than in more “typical” sites of the soil on the red planet.

As noted by scientists on Earth, these two elements together most often found in hydrothermal deposits, also contain sulfur. In this regard, the experts put forward the assumption that hydrothermal activity could exist in the territory that is now a Curiosity. Thus, if we continue the parallel with the Land on our planet, such conditions are comfortable for primitive microorganisms. Thus, scientists do not exclude that in the distant past, when the crater was filled with water, it could float to living beings. Scientists do not exclude that in the course of further expeditions can be detected

On their findings, the specialists reported on the pages of the scientific publication Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets.

The Gale crater, according to current estimates, was formed more than three and a half billion years ago. A number of studies carried out earlier, in those days, on the surface of the red planet housed a lot of liquid water. So says the overwhelming majority of scientists, the way the specific version as to exactly how the water on Mars come from and why it subsequently disappeared vary. To date, the water can be found on the red planet only in the form of ice (though over time, the experts find new deposits).


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