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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Released the last prisoner “Bolotnaya case”

From the Yaroslavl correctional colony free the defendant in the “Bolotnaya case” Ivan the forgetful. We can say that this is the last of those convicted of involvement in the riots on Bolotnaya square, who served time and was released into the wild. However, the “pipeline” still can not stop, “marsh” has not ended, and the case of the riots on Pushkin square in the spring of 2017 were directly connected with the history of previous mass protests.

Nepomnyashchikh defender Ball-Delaunay after release from prison. Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS

Recall that for two and a half years Nepomnyashchikh was condemned for being “beaten with hands and the umbrella of two police officers”, so that the past needs preparing, armed with batons, protect helmets and body armor the soldiers have experienced “physical pain and suffering.

In the video, which formed the basis of the charges, the crowd at Bolotnaya may 6, chanting: “Freedom!” One screaming grab the police wring their hands, dragged into a paddy wagon — this is Nepomnyashchikh. 25-year-old engineer from Sergiev Posad with the almost baby-faced — year stretch didn’t change that. At the Swamp that day came with his father, during the riots, like many, succumbed to the General wave of indignation. From the grips of the police, judging by the video, fought back, but not death, rather, by inertia. Where there appeared umbrella — from the record is not clear, but, judging by the nature of the detention, and how quickly it aches, the umbrella he could do that to drop to the foot guards.

And that really hurt. One never knows, and even stepped on top of crossbeam.

In the case there is another video there as reported the prosecution, it is clear that the umbrella he touched the helmet of the policeman Gavrilova, and even “hit left hand on the left hand of the victim.” However, this episode is one of the defenders Nepomnyashchikh, Sergei Sharov-Delaunay calls the “reflex method of protection from the sticks”, and not an attempt to cause the guards “pain and suffering”.

Interestingly, the process of Sciences is directly connected with the case “March 26”. And not by what is invisible to the naked eye resistance party rally gets real criminal term, they are United by one and the same victim. The same fighter Gavrilov, who was traumatized by the umbrella at the Swamp in 2012, the shares of March 26, 2017 and has at all lost consciousness. From the participant failed “walking along Tverskaya,” he’s got this time “kicked in the head jump”.

Then the “Bruce Lee” local flood was a music teacher Andrew Skew of the Tambov region, who from childhood suffering from spinal hernia, which was not taken into the army. Incidentally, he received an unprecedented period in the case of “26 March” to 4 years in prison.

Nepomnyashchikh, however, also left a lot to trial it for another year spent under house arrest. In addition, at the request of the colony administration to it applied “administrative oversight”. This means that within two years after his release, he will not be able to participate in public events, but also to be near places of its carrying out, to leave the place of residence from 22 PM to 6 am, and travel outside the Moscow region.

“It is surprising that a ban on the wearing of the umbrella he did not enter, — joked on this subject in conversation with “MK” the lawyer Marat Seleznyov. — Actually, as far as I know from practice, the measures of administrative supervision in such cases is usually not so hard. But they depend on recommendations, which gives the FSIN did the leadership of the colony. In his case they were, to put it mildly, not very good.”

Indeed, in the Yaroslavl prison Nepomnyashchikh was not the best account, complained about the mass beatings, repeatedly hit in the cooler (from there he was released).

According to Nepomnyashchikh repeatedly visited in jail of the lawyer of Fund “Public verdict” Ekaterina Biryukova, disorders, which imputed to him the leadership of the colony, had been very specific. Simply put, he was there to “human rights” activities in helping other prisoners to write complaints about inadequate conditions of detention, which is famous for IR No. 1.

For the case of the former engineer took thoroughly. Crossing the threshold of the prison, he tells the camera about “torture and tyranny” of prison officials.

As noted in conversation with “MK” friends Nepomnyashchikh, now he intends to give publicity to everything that occurred in a correctional facility, and to continue to help the prisoner.

“You will hear more about him as a human rights activist and fighter for freedom,” they claim.


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