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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Putin looked after in Ryazan skin for my future limo

In Russia propose to introduce a new tax for the disposal of low-quality cheap shoes that are massively imported from abroad, primarily from China. This topic was discussed at a meeting in Ryazan, which was held by Vladimir Putin with representatives of light industry, but to a common opinion participants did not come. On the one hand, recycling can hit for bona fide importers. On the other, the Russians are not to blame, because of low income are forced to wear bad shoes.

photo: kremlin.ru

Ryazan oblast, as it turned out, is famous not only for the airborne school and the village of Konstantinovo. Here is Europe’s largest leather processing plant, up to 6 thousand skins a day. Employees assure that their products are well-known not less than in Ryazan paratroopers, just people don’t think about it. Shoes and military uniforms, jackets and sofas, handbags and coats — all of these consumer goods are made of leather and Ryazan already in commercial networks acquire foreign labels. Vladimir Putin was also a personal motive to see the plant’s operation, which became one of participants of the project “Cortege”. It is here that will produce car seats for domestic limousine, which the head of state must change after the elections of 2018.

The production line starts with primary processing of raw cow skin. But this “dirty” work, GDP decided not to show.

— Wet and smells bad, — explained to the employees. Skins tanners receive from domestic meat, and there on the appearance of animals, of course, no one cares. Therefore, the President was immediately taken to the dye room and then to finishing and showed how to use modern equipment and stamping can do wonders. For example, to turn cow skin into leather. Then followed a detailed story about secrets velour, the GDP was supposed to look exotic. It just so happened that the President of Russia often has to happen on the defence factories, rather than on light industry.

However, without military goods was not this time. At the end of the tour, Putin waited exhibition of achievements of the domestic light industry, a prominent place which was occupied by the army boots and other clothing. And Kaluga entrepreneur Andrei Zharinov did not miss the opportunity to present to the head of state t-shirt recently worn by the security forces. At her breast the image of Vladimir Putin, at the rear the inscription “special operations Forces”.

— Used the most technologically advanced fabrics in the world! — praised Zharinov. For such t-shirts would queue to line up!

— Well, everything. Made to order — with relief exhaled Zharinov, when GDP, handing the gift one of the assistants stepped away from the stand.

— What order? — I do not understand journalists.

— Ordering on the set of clothes. Said would be happy to wear all Russian.

While Zharinov was left to think what items should be included in the “presidential order”, Vladimir Putin began a meeting on the state and prospects of development of light industry. And then it turned out that the situation in the industry is not as rosy as it seemed on the tour.

— Skins come bit by a gadfly, since vaccination against this dangerous disease in the country is not conducted. But spoil not only skin, but also milk and meat of animals, — said the General Director of the Russian Union of tanners and shoemakers Alexander Andrunakievich. In addition, despite the unprecedented measures to support agriculture, livestock continues to decline. In the past year, the loss amounted to minus 300 thousand heads.

For us, this means the closure of one medium size tannery — said Andrunakievich, noting that instead of domestic products here comes a low-quality foreign consumer goods. The average price of shoes, which is imported to Russia from abroad (mainly from China) is $9. And the cheapest — us $4.5. It is clear that nothing good comes from such goods, which, by the way, sold to the Russians at exorbitant prices, can not wait. The couple lives less than one year, after which it becomes unusable and is thrown away, causing significant damage to the environment.

— Maybe we should introduce recycling by analogy with cars? — suggested Andrunakievich.

The head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin, the proposal was not supported. But the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, the idea of allowing something to replenish the Russian budget will definitely like it.

— It is necessary to determine which segment of the Shoe can get under such a collection, — with readiness he said. If this proceeds, according to the Minister, it would be possible to provide support for the whole light industry, which now receives from the state 3 billion rubles. per year.

However, the main problem of domestic light industry, the meeting unanimously called counterfeiting and smuggling. In 2013 when this topic was discussed in recent times, the volume of counterfeit products on the domestic market of clothing and footwear accounted for 39%. Now, said Putin, the situation has not changed. The share of illegal goods in retail has decreased only to 33% to 860 billion to 1.1 trillion rubles. “the Dynamics of unconvincing. It is in the cleansing of the market from dubious products concluded, in my opinion, the most important resource for the development of light industry”, — said the President.

The head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov promised to “clean up” the market will help labeling. For shoes she is introduced in 2018, for the top clothing — jackets, shirts, suits, etc. — from 2019.


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