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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Psychologists told us to pay any attention to cheating spouses to previous partners

If the person cheated on someone once, there is a high chance that he will not be faithful and her future permanent partners. To such conclusion the American experts from University of Denver.

Experts conducted a survey, which was attended by 484 heterosexual volunteers, consisting in a stable pair. All participants, including talked about was whether they in a relationship before, cheated on your previous or current partner and I suspect the infidelity of his. The results showed that people do not remain faithful in the past, three times more likely to have changed and a new partner. According to researchers, the obtained results allow to verify that the hope for marital fidelity on the part of those to whom it was not inherent in the previously, it is sometimes a little naive.

His research scientists published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

It is worth noting that a number of surveys conducted by other specialists before, showed that the amount of adultery for the last time has not changed — 20-25% of men and 10-15 percent among women however, the attitude to this phenomenon has become somewhat more negative. However, changed the perception of the broad masses of the concept of “treason” for several decades significantly increased the number of people who understand that word in the narrowest sense, while previously, many consider him not only a sexual act with another person, but also, for example, kissing, and sometimes even flirting. Another curious trend, identified earlier, was the fact that older people change spouses more often than young — presumably also for the reason that some time ago, during the “sexual revolution”, society was perceived significantly more softly, and this has affected the worldview of the now not so young people.


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