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Saturday, February 24, 2018

On parade in Kiev Ukraine have shown, NATO converted Soviet technique

On Thursday, Ukraine marked the 26th anniversary of independence. However, the independence for which fought on the Maidan in Kiev and did not smell. Together with the regular units of the Ukrainian army on Khreshchatyk were representatives of the NATO countries. Before its Western partners Ukraine boasted a new technology.

In Kiev invited not only small divisions of the North Atlantic Alliance, but also the Ministerial delegation, at the head of whom was Pentagon chief James Mattis. Petro Poroshenko has used the presence of Western visitors, to once again to remind everyone about the Russian aggression and the “hand of the Kremlin”, which constantly slips Ukraine spoke in the wheel towards a “Euro-Atlantic highway”. Poroshenko was so captivated by the performance in front of Western guests on the national holiday, often mentioned Russia, rather than your home country. Finally, he reaffirmed the intention of Ukraine to join NATO and the EU that are already visibly bored with Brussels and Washington, where the matter is not even worth it on the agenda.

The speech, Poroshenko demonstrated the unwillingness of Ukraine to follow the line of the Minsk agreements. According to the leader of the Square, more than 130 thousand reservists ready at any moment to return to fight in the Donbass, if required. His speech clearly at odds with the statements from two days ago. During the phone conversation in the Normandy format the parties agreed on the introduction of ceasefire, which should come into force on 25 August. But on Thursday, he’s already talked about wanting demobilized cadres to join at any moment in the conflict in the East of the country.

If the Ukrainian leader once again turned to the old barrel organ, in the event minor changes occurred. In the past years in the parade in addition to infantry participated and military equipment, and this time the “miracles” of Ukrainian engineers were shown as exhibition. In total, there were 67 military hardware, which then needs to go to the Donbass, adding to the Arsenal of the armed forces. Though the announcement for the exhibition the exhibits were presented as the latest development of Ukrainian designers, but the reality was far from it. The only available sample, developed by Ukraine, was the BTR-4, which is considerably inferior to the technical specifications of both Western and Russian analogues.

“MK” asked the chief editor of the magazine “arms Export” Andrey Frolov to assess the development of Ukrainian engineers.

“Basically, there was presented to the recycled Soviet machinery and experimental models of Ukrainian armored vehicles, which the quality is more like garage options issued in limited series. Any modern technology in their manufacture was not applied, therefore, to talk about the possible export is not necessary”, — said the military expert.

BM “Oplot”, represented as a tank of the XXI century, was a slightly modified Soviet T-80, and produced in limited series, 10-20 copies per year. The jet system of the BM volley fire-21 “Verba” — nothing like a domestic “Grad”, are rearranged on the chassis of “KrAZ”. Tank “Bulat” — upgraded T-64. The situation is similar with the other samples. Only the aforementioned armored vehicle BTR-4 can be considered fully Ukrainian design, but the build quality, according to Frolov, leaves much to be desired.

Not done a national holiday and no accidents. While all forces of law enforcement was focused on the Grand parade, the building of the Cabinet of Ministers the explosion occurred. Circumstances of incident are investigated, but the SBU has qualified it as disorderly conduct. Fortunately, has done without victims — two people were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity, but at the moment their life is not in danger.

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