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Monday, February 19, 2018

It revealed the secret of the stars, the previously announced shelter an alien

Star a Tabby, also known as KIC-8462852, for a long time attracted the attention of astronomers. The main reason for this is the unusual oscillation of its luminosity. The most daring of previously proposed explanations for this phenomenon implied the activities of extraterrestrial civilizations on the orbit of the star. A new study conducted by experts from Yale University suggests that the real reason may not be an alien mega structure, but only exoplanet with rings.

photo: pixabay.com

KIC-8462852 is almost in the constellation of Cygnus at a distance of about one and a half thousand light-years from Earth and the size about one and a half times that of the Sun. The main feature of this star is changing its brightness from time to time she sharply drops by more than 20 percent. According to the new theory, the luminaries orbiting planet resembling Saturn, but located to the star on the right is closer than Earth to the Sun. It rings, when they are between sun and observer on the planet, spreading the light of stars, and in the future they will, presumably, she absorbed.

No peer-reviewed publication has not yet accepted the work for publication, and not all scientists agree with the theory put forward. However, while public approval is not received and none of the earlier proposal.

When unusual fluctuations of the luminosity of KIC-8462852 was first discovered, soon there were two versions, potentially explaining this phenomenon. According to one speculation, for obvious reasons, many perceive skeptical, the star may be surrounded by a so-called “Dyson sphere”. Such a hypothetical design would allow the alien super-civilizations, if they exist, to collect the light of your own star and use it as energy.

The second version is much less of a scenario for fantasticheskogo of the film — it implies that the reduction in brightness occurs when the star blocking cloud of comets in its orbit. However, this explanation is not so plausible as might seem at first glance — for it to be true, the number of simultaneously flying comet should reach a million, which is quite unlikely.

At the end of last year were almost simultaneously proposed two theories as the stars Tabby. A group of American scientists from Illinojsky University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, suggested that the fluctuations in its brightness can be explained non-equilibrium thermodynamic processes in the star itself, namely the approximation of the system to the critical point of phase transition. About the same time specialists from the Institute of astronomy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences suggested that the fluctuations of luminosity can be triggered by several planets in its orbit the stars, surrounded by large and dense clouds of dust and debris. However, both these assumptions also did not find unanimous support in the scientific community — as a version of the rather unique chemical processes, and the existence of planets, very unusual from the point of view of modern ideas about these space bodies, did not look much more realistic than the “comet” version.


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