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Friday, February 16, 2018

In a racist Charlottesville saw an opening for Russia

The refusal of President Donald trump to repel ultra-right forces and their action in Charlottesville was not only unprecedented, but has cast a shadow on Russia. This is evidenced by the transfer of CNN, claiming that Russia has ties with right-wing groups throughout Europe. Although there was no evidence that Russia directly supports the extremist right-wing groups in the United States, carte Blanche received the right from the President trump is regarded as the invitation of the Russian authorities to use the American “hate groups” as a means of escalating their activity in the United States.

photo: AP

Although the dominant right-wing slogan during charlottsville dust said: “You can’t replace us!” and were directed against Jews and liberals along with him, here and there one could see slogans proclaiming: “Russia is our friend.

What the roots of this “charlottsville resurrection” of Russia? They are deeply rooted in the soil of Russian nationalism, which is now also on the rise. Political scientist Richard Arnold links the rise in Russia of “ethnic allies” of the American right-wing. The author points to the “traditionalist nationalist rhetoric” of the Russian leadership in which secularism, diversity and internationalism are presented as causes of the weakening of the Western democracies, as the entrance to the arena any charlottsville evil.

CNN reports that Russia enjoys its exalted status among right-wing extremists of the West to extend its influence throughout Europe. Western intelligence agencies are convinced that right-wing movements in their countries receive financial support from the Kremlin. For example, the movement of Le Pen in France.

It is also argued that increasing the activity of white Suprematists in the United States, which covers trompowsky administration, may, allegedly to provoke Russia’s attempts to help them.

The fact that now they show certain relations between Moscow and the leaders of the American right-wing. For example, CNN claims that the organizer charlottsville antics of neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, who is a big fan of the President of Russia, married Nina Kupriyanova, a Russian citizen, which in the United States is presented as the distribution of the “Kremlin rhetoric.” Kupriyanov reportedly denied belonging to any nationalist movements. However, does not hide his sympathy movement, “which challenge dominant now in the West, the global focus on post-liberal ideology.”

The Spencer, according to CNN, along with former “Grand dragon” of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke enjoys a close relationship with Alexander Dugin, whom “Newsweek” magazine believes, “the Russian ultranationalist with ties to Russian intelligence agencies”. Spencer and Luke sometimes use connection with the Russian media to preach their extremist views.

These and similar communications of American right-wing Russian nationalists, said si-EN-EN create is already pre-paved path for the penetration of Russian intelligence in the evolution of the American ultra “to destabilize” situation in the United States.

In the current environment, according to U.S. policy, to stop such docking is not so easy. Although the FBI has a very broad counter-intelligence mandate of the “group hate” use the constitutional resources to protect from investigation of its activities. Largely fault of the FBI and his past activities. From 1956 through 1971-th year, the FBI carried out a spyware program called COINTELPRO, which was fixated on the secret monitoring, aimed at the penetration and collapse of organizations such as, on the one hand, the Ku Klux Klan and other American Communist party and other groupings of civil liberties.

When the activities of COINTELPRO became known to the American public, it has to be “notice” and the US Congress in particular, the Committee Senator Church. The U.S. Department of justice has developed a program that greatly reduces the possibility of the FBI. Even when right-wing groups infiltrating criminal and terrorist in the sphere of constitutional shield covers it from law enforcement, especially now, when the White house settled “friend and comrade” of right-wing forces. The vacuum, it is feared in certain circles in the USA, is a great opportunity for Russian intelligence, a field which is loosened by the treatment of the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi group Russian propaganda. In the queue, so I think in the American media, the penetration in the US is even more impregnated with financial support. In short, if you believe them, then between the Kremlin and the Charlottesville installed almost allied relations. Use the right and that the White house first came to them as “your President”. This allows them to spread their hawkish wings over America. And the administration has ceased to turn left Suprematist groups in its program “Against violent extremism” gift “from the Ministry of internal security.” Now these groups can operate almost freely.

Opponents of trump, concerned that once in the White house he tries at all costs to give the “green light” Russia, enticing her to participate in destabilizing the programs and campaigns of American neo-Nazis.

The Kremlin clouds”, invented, whether existing, constantly hovering over the White house in Washington, and over charlottsville suburbs. And hang not so much because Putin wants Moscow, but rather because it desires trompowsky Washington.



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