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Friday, April 20, 2018

World Champions in the fight against terrorism: the loud statements of the forum “Army-2017”

The third international military-technical Forum “Army-2017” was opened in the Park “Patriot” in the suburban Alabino, really becomes the largest world platform for the demonstration of weapons and military equipment. And not only because at Moscow exhibition — in pavilions and open grounds — exhibition took this year more than 300 thousand square meters, but because the same gun shows and military shows in the framework of the forum “Army-2017” are now in other cities of Russia. In addition, the forum held an important bilateral meeting, which sounds very loud statement.

So, on Wednesday, Sergei Shoigu during the meeting with the defense Minister of Lebanon by Yacoub Al-Sarraf said: “In Syria we were able to separate one from the other — the moderate opposition from the terrorists is to create four zones of de-escalation and actually stop civil war.” And the Minister of defence of Mali Tien Coulibaly following the meeting with the head of the Russian defense Ministry said that “Russia is the world champion in the fight against terrorism.”

Also on Wednesday, Sergei Shoigu inspected in Kubinka the newest fighter su-57 and heard reports on the tests of the aircraft. On the static display, which presents more than 30 aircraft of Russian air force, Shoigu inspected the su-35S and MiG-35.

And on the night of Wednesday at a forum held its first large-scale dynamic screening of Russian weapons, which has been involved in several episodes of fight simulation. In the fire of the enemy ambush was involved tanks T-80U, with the complexes of guided weapons Reflex – rocket driven by the laser beam, which pulls the target up to 5000 m. as well As tanks T-72B1 and T-90A, anti-aircraft gun-missile complex “Tunguska” self-propelled antitank missile system “Sturm-S”, anti-aircraft missile and gun complex “Carapace-s” and several combat armored vehicles with complex guided weapons “Bastion”, fire control system, night sight, stabilizer arms.

Watch the video on:
“The capabilities of Russian military equipment demonstrated in the dark”


The military has demonstrated the shooting of unmanned aerial vehicles and the destruction of enemy helicopters. Firing anti-tank missiles carried By the BMP-17, equipped with a set of guided missile weapons “Kornet-e”, and T-90 tank, the rate of which the gun is eight rounds in 56 seconds. The out of battle outposts scenario was supported by self-propelled 2S19 “Msta-s”, capable of hitting targets at a distance of 5.5 thousand meters.

Meanwhile, a large-scale action in the framework of the forum across the country are just beginning. So, in Vladivostok from 22 to 27 August to visit will open a new Corvette Pacific fleet “Perfect”, which is designed for action in the near sea zone for artillery support amphibious assault, and combat surface ships and submarines of the enemy. During the construction of the Corvette have used the technology “stealth”. Used the latest solutions to reduce the physical fields of the ship. So through the use of flame retardant glass-reinforced plastics with the properties of radioparadise, and also by improving the architectural layout of the hull and superstructure, was able to significantly reduce the radar signature of the ship.

In Kronstadt, the opening of the forum was dedicated to the teachings of the Marines and sailors that are in the waters of the Middle of Kronstadt Harbor and Marina Petrovsky Park, where the General public has lined up more than 15 ships and boats of the Baltic fleet. The sailors showed the audience an artillery battle with the ship conditional enemy, undermining floating mines, landing on the shore of a sea landing, the liberation of a vessel seized by pirates, to assist the emergency vehicle. The highlight of the program was the “waltz of the tugs” show on the water.

In Kronstadt will work exhibitions of the latest weapons and military equipment, where the air defense systems, coastal anti-ship missile complexes, the means of salvation, regard and spetsoruzhie.

The exhibition “Army-2017” started its work in Novosibirsk at the military airport “Tolmachevo” where were taken the samples of modern weapons and open passage for everyone. This technique will not just stand, it will demonstrate the implementation of standards for combat training. To run involved as well, the MOE units with their special equipment and military police. There will also be work of the tent of selection of citizens on military service under the contract.

In Samara, the forum Rosinska deployed to the site, where there are more than 100 units of modern and vintage military vehicles and more than 200 units of weapons and equipment. Here everyone will be able to compete on time in disassembly-Assembly of small arms.

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Shoigu praised the capabilities of the newest Russian fighter

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