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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Russian scientists have found a way to cure cirrhosis

A new opportunity for the regeneration of the liver was opened by scientists of the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology, together with colleagues from Scotland and the USA. Inside the patient’s body they found cells which can play the role of a stem, that is, to turn into the main liver cells, hepatocytes, thereby updating the diseased organ.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As reported “MK” the Professor of the Institute Yuri Cotelcam, the liver itself has a good potential for recovery. In particular, in addition to the principal cells of the hepatocytes in this organ continues to share a number of other cells. However, previously, scientists could only assume that one of the varieties of cells – cholangiocytes that line the bile ducts of the liver, have the potential of stem cells, meaning they can turn into other biological material, in this case hepatocytes.

To prove this, scientists conducted an experiment on mice with damaged liver, “disabling” it in the genes responsible for the division of hepatocytes. However, the liver still continues to recover. It turned out that the damaged areas of the patient’s body filled cholangiocyte who came out of the biliary channels and turned into the missing hepatocytes. These cells are found in the deeper layers of the liver, and therefore not destroyed so much as basic.

This discovery of stem nature of cholangiocytes will give future physicians the opportunity to increase the number of these cells of the patient outside the body (in the body of the patient, this process goes very slowly) and return the substance again in the liver via the bloodstream.

The most optimistic projections people suffering from cirrhosis, can rely on new technology to restore the patient’s body in five years.


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