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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Not money misfortune Serebrennikov

The arrested Director Serebrennikov. Investigators accuse him of fraud. Whether abducted, or participated in, or contributed to. The amount — about 68 million rubles. Yes for such money decent cello will buy it.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

Investigators do not believe many. Including the famous and respected people. They see the policy here, talking about the violence, the destruction of the “Gogol-center”, remember the brutal punishment and execution of Meyerhold, the destruction of his theatre.

“No, says government — there is no politics here! Only money”.

There are many people who believe the authorities. They believe that it’s only money, and that pieces of silver, arrested for stealing; even happy (forgetting his own antics) and saying “a thief should sit in jail.”

The Lord the permission to speak on behalf of all gullible. The question is simple: if silver is arrested for the theft, if it is only about money, then where is Iksanov and his organized group of reenactors of the Bolshoi theatre?

The activities of this group cost us a thousand times more expensive and has led to serious consequences. Lost not only money (which can be downloaded again from utilities, “Plato”, tariffs, freezing of pensions, etc.). Gone forever the famous acoustics, is missing a lot, even bronze handle.

It is not unfounded accusations. The horrible acoustics know all the staff is Great. After failing to stop his frustration on her sternly spoke, a famous Opera singer Anna Netrebko during his recent speech in Moscow.

As for the money — this is very strongly in favor of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation. She reported that the cost of reconstruction of the Bolshoi amounted to 35.4 billion rubles. It is several times more than the initial assessment. The auditors argue that the cost of design work is overestimated by 16 times. A criminal case was initiated. The investigators found that the management of the theater three times paid the same organization and the same work. For example, preparation of working documentation paid 58 million. Then for the same another 26 million. And then another 498 million…

So tell me: if the matter of money, why for unproven 60 million — arrest, and proven over tens of billions of government awards?

To Serebrennikov with a search warrant raided armored masked (President Putin, as you know, praised the action very succinctly: “fools”). Who is the fool, is still unknown. But exactly what Iksanova masked not broke, arrested he was not, and he is now an adviser to the Minister of culture and somewhere else somebody something advises. No money, but he kept there for some reason. Add: Iksanov mentioned here for illustrative purposes only, nothing personal.


The song “No politics — only money” we hear for a long time.

When destroyed, NTV, President Putin said: “This is not politics. This is a business dispute”. When “Rain” was disconnected from the networks, saying that it was the business…

All of the last 18 years, we have seen that it is not in the power of truth, and not talent. Pleasing the Lord — you will be rewarded, not pleasing convicted. And steal whether and how many does not matter.

…Power sincerely declares that it is only about money. Because, in addition to money, she doesn’t see or understand. She sees people, she sees the estimate. Here health care — merging hospitals, would be beneficial. Now retired — freeze be advantageous.

Money killed in prison Magnitsky was kept pregnant Bakhmina, a slow death starved Alexanyan. And there was no policy. These people simply someone bothered to steal, hurt to forget about the theft.

Reading this note, remember that 35 billion lost in Big, this is the current 70 billion. Add the honey, a very bad and unsuitable a football stadium in St. Petersburg, add a Grand theft at the strategic Baikonur…

However, about the stadiums and the space is music inspired. We’re talking about art. Roldugin cello worth $ 11.5 million. This is art, this is even President Putin said: “Sergey Roldugin bought — and he bought, in my opinion, two violins, two cellos, is a unique thing. The latter, which he purchased, about 12 million dollars.”

How much is — clear. How much is not clear. And to clarify I do not advise. And stand up for Serebrennikov — conscience — is absolutely correct. But from the point of view of its fate… All these years we see the same thing: the louder protect the prisoner, famous writers and artists, the angrier you become the jailers and their superiors. While this is the case.


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