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Monday, February 19, 2018

Military parade in honor of independence of Ukraine will take the head of the Pentagon

On Thursday, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Independence, in which in the center of Kiev, at Khreshchatyk, will be a military parade. The event will be attended not only Ukrainian military but also units from several NATO countries, and will take it not a state leader and Minister of defense James Mattis.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

26-th anniversary of independence of Ukraine intends to celebrate unprecedented before scale. In Kiev promised to come the defense Ministers of 11 countries, most of which are NATO. However, the most prominent guest will be the head of the Pentagon James Mattis, located in the Square since Wednesday.

The visit of such a senior figure demonstrates that the new administration of the White House does not intend to abandon support for the Ukraine.

It is not excluded that at the meeting of Mattis and Petro Poroshenko will once again rise the question of giving Kiev lethal defensive weapons. Surely, the leader of the Square will also try to convince the Pentagon of the need for peacekeeping forces to the East of the country. In September Poroshenko intends to speak at the UN with the same request, so the presence of such a serious ally like James Mattis could play into the hands of the Ukrainian leader.

Together with the Minister of defense came to Washington and curator of Ukraine Kurt Volker. He intends to discuss with the leadership of the country the settlement of the conflict in the Donbas. We will remind that on Monday the first meeting with the protege of Donald trump with Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, held in a closed format. It is the results of us-Russian tete-a-tete and intends to give Walker the Ukrainian President.

The main part of the celebration of the Independence Day military parade. It will involve about 4,500 troops APU, machardie, border guards and employees of the national police of Ukraine. Almost a third of them will be in military technology, which, according to the Ukrainian press, after the event, will be sent to Donbass.

In addition, the Ukrainian army intends to show the updated equipment for the infantry, as well as new samples of military equipment. In the solemn March will take part more than 3000 people from APU, and 231 soldiers from the parade: UK, Georgia, Canada, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, USA, Latvia, Romania and Estonia.

Most interesting is that the March will take place under an updated anthem of the Ukrainian army, namely, under a slightly modified marching song of the OUN-UPA (Organization banned in Russia). This fact many guests left without attention, except for residents of Poland who have only the mention of the followers of Bandera disgusted. Many poles demanded the resignation of defense Minister Anthony Matsarevicha if their soldiers will agree to pass through the area with a battle flag for the anthem group who had organized the genocide of the poles.


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