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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Medvedev on Sakhalin told the bitter truth about Putin

On Sakhalin this year — not fish. What happened to the salmon, the fishermen explained to not taken — just a bad caught. “Our factory in good times recycles 150 tonnes per day, now — in the best case 60 tons. For 17 years of my work this first time,” says technologist fish processing plant in Solov’ivka that under Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Albina Zilina. Dmitry Medvedev visited the plant during his visit to the Peninsula. The Russian Prime Minister, of course, could do nothing to help Sakhalin to catch, but discussed with the heads of local enterprises path of development of the fisheries sector.

Photo: government.ru

The plant, which was visited by LADIES, is essentially one big workshop. To work a lot of people come from Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, other cities. They live here, in specially built for them comfortable houses. The average salary in the fishing season, which lasts from July to early September is 30-40 thousand rubles. Not Putin, the plant just doesn’t work. Because the permit for processing of seafood, which is on Sakhalin, pardon the pun, the sea, the enterprise has no. As the permit for processing other of fish other than salmon. And here is the catch and herring, and a beloved President of the country smelt, and cod, and flounder, and much more. Another problem is that fishing is allowed only three days a week. Other days — “pass”: give the fish passage to the spawning grounds to breed in the wild. And if “no-go” days of the storm, the plant once again.

Dreams of the management of the plant and the opening of the smaller end of the shop — our wild fish pleasure buy Japanese, Americans, Filipinos. “We want to work year-round; we can produce shrimp, whelk, squid, herring, saffron cod, smelt. Importantly, we were given permission to catch,” says Albina Zilina. But so far no resolution. Besides the official competition the industries continue to be poachers. As tell local, market eggs here, no one buys — it is harvested themselves. And the tourists take everything. Poachers are not giving the eggs of different preservatives and other nasty things, placing them in bags and buried for a couple months in the ground to protect them from scrutiny. And somewhere in October begin to take in Moscow and other regions.

Meanwhile, today, the far East boasts the country’s largest fishing industry. As noted by Dmitry Medvedev, are caught here, almost two-thirds of Russian fish (this year — more than 2 million tons) and produced more than half of all canned fish. In contrast, catches of wild fish catches fish grown in captivity (aquaculture), on Sakhalin are growing. The reason — according to the state program of development of fishery industry companies now give subsidies from the Federal budget for the purchase of fingerlings and feed. Moreover, plants are fish-breeding areas (in the far East, 338). “In the last few years we were actively engaged in the update of the fishing industry, introduced new measures of state support. Next year will start to act the quota for investment purposes — they can get those who invest in the construction of ships and fishing industries,” — said Medvedev. By the way, a new measure of support will bring great effect — it is expected the construction of more than a hundred fishing vessels and 20 plants in the framework of the new contracts.

In General, estimates of Medvedev, the fishing industry in the country is developing well. So, last year we had a record catch (3 million tons). But, as noted by the head of the Federal Agency for fisheries Shestakov Igor, no one on our laurels is not going to stop — the goal is to increase the catch to a minimum of 5 million tons. The export of our fish grows, import is reduced. In plans — to increase the catches of the once popular mackerel, and iwashi, but also to resume production of the Arctic krill. Medvedev said that today already 80% consumed in the country fish and fish products — domestic production.

And all the same problems the industry has. You need to create production facilities for deep processing of catches and to introduce modern technologies and develop waste-free production. Need a quality service for the storage and distribution of fish products, optimized schemes of delivery (including from the Far East to the Central Federal district). Need a new refrigeration plant for storing fish… All these problems will be solved in the coming years. The main thing is to fish and caught small and large.


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