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Saturday, February 24, 2018

“Don’t look at the sun”: the trump watched the Eclipse without glasses

This past Monday President trump suddenly felt that he was not the only luminary on the American horizon. But this miracle it took another full Eclipse of the sun. Even though a solar Eclipse was the result of the darkening of the mind sun Donald. The country dubbed it the Supreme glavnokomanduyuschim.

photo: pixabay.com

Monday is usually a hard day. And then there’s the Eclipse of the sun is explicitly apolitical event. But how to say it. The Americans had to look at the world not through rose-colored glasses trompowsky, and through a special. Black.

On Monday, trump’s First audience was with his people. For the first time. Eclipse crept up to the White house in 2.38 of the day Washington time. Sun Donald went Romanowski the balcony of the White house with all of your children and household. His gaze was fixed not on heaven but on the official presidential coat of arms, mounted on the balcony.

First lady Melania, apparently not trusting his divine origin, wore black goggles. In her arms she held another pair of these glasses, designed for your spouse. But the divine husband wielded hands like a telescope. Some time later, the tramp finally looked up to the sun.

— Do not look at the sun! — worried sycophants. They are not looking at the sun. Their eyes were on Trump.

Enjoying screaming “don’t look!” Trump looked at the sun and smiled. He clearly was enjoying this game a staring contest with the sun, experiencing the effect of the Eclipse.

The President in the eyes of his people threatened the retina of their eyes. The people rejoiced. The President has challenged God himself. No wonder he is the Supreme paneurythmy!

At the other end of Washington in the building of the Us naval Observatory is the traditional headquarters and just flat American Vice-presidents, the current Vice Mike Pence and invited young students engaged in the lessons of astronomy. “Wear safety glasses!” — instructed their Pens.

Demonstrating his courage, the President of the trump allotment, finally, protective glasses. On his face played with a grimace of discontent. Of course! The world has become more like reality. Trompowsky Twitter without embellishment. Whispering something Melania trump again began to cut through the air with his hands.

But he looked trump at the world through black protective glasses. Reporters spotted time. Turned exactly 90 seconds. After that, the President seemed to have forgotten about the sky and the solar Eclipse. All his attention focused on the crowd, formed under Romanowski balcony. He started to feel her, rising to the sky only the thumbs of both hands. Then trump became involved in bakirovna shade, not the sun, not himself.

The President smiled broadly. He achieved almost the impossible — the crowd, forgetting about the sun and its Eclipse, was mesmerized by them.

The Eclipse of the sun was replaced by the Eclipse of reason…


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