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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Archaeologists found out, what was the name of the first Yaroslavl Princess

Lead a princely seal the end of XII – beginning of XIII century discovered in Yaroslavl on the site of the laying of sewage, allowed to answer the question, what was the name of the mother of the first Yaroslavl Prince Vsevolod Konstantinovich. Until now, the answer to this question was not known to scientists, but the discovery makes it quite safe to assume that the Duchess name was Maria.

photo: Institute of archaeology Academy of Sciences

As explained by the Deputy Director of the Institute of archaeology Academy of Sciences Pyotr Gaidukov, in Ancient Rus princes and elite of the clergy had their own seal, which was sealed official documents. On the ancient princely seals of the XII-XIII centuries depicted the patron saints of the Prince, that is, of the Saint, in whose honor the ruler received his baptismal name. Experts note that among the several thousands of known seals by domogalla era, only a few thousand were owned by women. One of these prints was recently discovered during work on laying of the collecting pipes to the oldest building in Yaroslavl Metropolitan chambers.

Archaeologists noticed on the seal, which can confidently be dated to the end of XII – beginning of XIII century, depicts saints Constantine and Maria. According to the researchers, this means that the owner of the press was a woman, and depicted in, respectively, of the patrons of the Princess and her husband.

Comparing all available information, experts concluded that the seal belonged to the wife of Konstantin Vsevolodovich, the eldest son of great Prince of Vladimir Vsevolod Yuryevich the Big Nest. The Princess was the daughter of Smolensk Prince Mstislav Romanovich and specific mother of the first Yaroslavl Prince Vsevolod Konstantinovich. Until now it was not known what name was given to this woman at birth, scientists only knew that after her husband’s death she became a nun and wore the monastic name Agatha. Now the experts it became known as the Princess’s name was before.

In addition to print, a group of researchers under the leadership of the ASI Engovatova found fragments imported from abroad and glass vessels, as well as the remains of unusually large for the turn of XII-XIII centuries the wooden buildings.


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